How To Restore Your Beauty After A Beach Vacation

Summer vacation is the time we all look forward to every year. We spend the whole year planning for a perfect summer vacation that will leav...

Summer vacation is the time we all look forward to every year. We spend the whole year planning for a perfect summer vacation that will leave us with a lot of fun and memories for a lifetime. Beach holidays are very popular especially in summers and exquisite view of sea water relaxes and rejuvenates our mind. But the post-vacation happiness can turn tragic because of the adverse effects it shows on your skin. Walking in the sun for long hours and lots of swimming in seawater can lead to lots of skin problems. Therefore, post beach vacation our skin requires a little more care due to that extra sun, salt, water and sand.

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In this post, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks that will help to restore your beauty post beach vacation. These will undo the damage your skin has undergone making it refreshed, revived and beautiful. Believe me, your skin is going to thank you million times for this.

Drink Lots Of Water

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One thing that beach vacations always do is they dehydrate your body to the core. Too much exposure to sun dries up your skin resulting in dull skin. To retain the inner moisture, ph balance of your body and your inner glow make sure to consume as much water as you can now that you are back home. Water will nourish your skin from within and restore the lost glow.

Exfoliate The Skin

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Spending too much time in sand and water may make the upper layers of your skin dry, damaged and dead. Removing this upper skin layer on time is important. You should exfoliate your skin as often as you can by using a good bath scrub after a beach vacation to remove dead skin cells and damaged upper skin layer.

Always Use Lip Balm

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Most common problem that is generally faced after a beach vacation is chapped and dry lips. Sometimes lips may develop pigmentation due to sun exposure. It is very important to soothe sun burnt lips by applying a thick layer of moisturizing lip balm at night and using SPF 15 or more lip balm throughout the day.

Moisturize Your Skin

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Due to high content of salt in sea water, skin gets extremely dry and may develop redness also. High water intake will moisturize your skin from within but external care is also mandatory. So use a good body moisturizer twice a day and repeat more if required to soothe the skin. Best way to lock in moisture is to use a moisturizing lotion or body butter just after bath.

Oil Your Hair Regularly

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As your skin becomes dry similarly your hair also gets dry due to sun and salt. You may notice they get more frizzy and brittle after a beach vacation. Best way to restore hair health is oiling them regularly. If daily oiling is not feasible option for you, you can do it twice or thrice a week. Oiling will balance the natural oils of your scalp making them shine more.

Use A Good Under Eye Cream

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You may notice some under bags and dark under eye area after coming home from vacations. Change in sleep patterns and stress are the main reasons behind dark circles. A nourishing under eye cream with vitamin A and E will work wonders and help to revive the lost glow of under eye area.

Anti-Tan Masks & Treatments

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Another nightmare that is going to haunt you for days is tanning. It is natural to get tanned during vacations, especially beach vacations. Use homemade masks and anti tan face packs to get rid of unwanted tan from your body. Bleaching will also help. Mix 1-1 teaspoon of lemon and honey and apply it on skin for 15 minutes. This remedy will help you get rid of tanning in just a few days.

Go For Manicure & Pedicure

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Hands and feet are usually ignored by many people. Nails may get split and brittle during vacationing in water, you may develop calluses and hard skin overall your hands and your feet may appear beaten, dehydrated and rough. Best way to curb this is to seek professional help, get manicure and pedicure done for those beautiful hands and feet.

Take Nutritious & Healthy Diet

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Consumption of junk food and the food high in oil and spices is common during vacations. High junk food consumption takes its toll on our skin making it dull. So, few days after vacationing try to take balanced and nutritious diet with lots of fruits and green vegetables to restore your lost skin health. Always remember that what we eat affects our skin health directly or indirectly.

Hopefully, you will find these simple tips helpful next time when you get home after a long beach vacation. Do comment and share your views on how you find this article

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