10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Alia Bhatt

Since her most talked about debut "Student of the year" in 2012, Alia Bhatt has created a buzz in Bollywood industry. Her out of t...

Since her most talked about debut "Student of the year" in 2012, Alia Bhatt has created a buzz in Bollywood industry. Her out of the box movie selection and fresh acting skills made her on the top within few years. She has always been in the news and her recent relationship with Sidharth Malhotra invited a lot of attention from the media. The majority of her films had been super hits - be it "Highway", "2 States", "Udta Punjab", "Kapoor and Sons" etc.
Being the center of attraction of media, Alia's life and career have been like an open book but still this bubbly actress manages to have her fair share of secrets. Here we are presenting some of the interesting and least known facts about Alia Bhatt that we are sure will surprise you.

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1. She didn't have right to vote in India.

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It doesn't mean she is banned or something, it's just because of her nationality. Her nationality is British, so she owns a British passport and that is why she could not vote in general elections of 2014. So most the times when we are saying that she is a "desi patakha" we had been wrong because technically she is a "videshi patakha".

2. She is a very good charcoal painter.

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According to Alia, charcoal painting calms and soothes her mind. She also gifted one to Arjun Kapoor during the shooting of the movie "2 states". She frequently visits art exhibitions. However, she is still learning and yet to master the art. But still, some of her works are pretty impressive. The charcoal painting could make an excellent alternate career choice for her.

3. She admits using men's fragrances.

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However odd it sounds, truth can never be changed. The actress herself revealed that she is big on men's perfumes. She is such a big fan of men's fragrances that she often wears them herself.

4. She worked as a child artist in movie Sangharsh.

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She first appeared on big screen in the year 1999's blockbuster movie Sangharsh where she played the role of young Preity Zinta. Although her role was quite small in the film, still she acted wonderfully well. The film planted the seed of her acting career and look, from a child artist to where she stands now.

5. She used to weigh 67 kgs at the age of 17.

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It's true!! Hot and sexy Alia Bhatt was also once fat and had to shed lots of weight for her debut movie. In fact, when she went to audition for "SOTY", Karan Johar passed her acting skills but allowed her to be part of the film on only one condition that she had to reduce those extra kilos. She lost more than 16 kilos in three months and started shooting for the film.

6. She doesn't want her husband to be like her father.

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In a recent interview with a popular TV show, she was asked if she wants a husband like her father. And guess what her answer was – flat NO (feeling sorry for Mahesh Bhatt). According to Alia her father has never been an ideal husband and had affairs with different women even after being married to her mother. She wants her husband to be loyal and trustworthy.

7. She has a tattoo "Patakha" at the nape of her neck.

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Well, Alia Bhatt is quite hot and her boldness is clearly depicted in her tattoo choice as well. She feels comfortable in her own skin and doesn't shy away to show the world that she is "patakha" and this is what she feels about herself.

8. She is afraid of dark and traveling by air.

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Alia Bhatt is so afraid of the dark that she sleeps keeping the lights of her bedroom on. She can't sleep in the stark dark. Also, she feels uncomfortable while traveling and always tries to avoid air journeys as much as possible.

9. She orders yogurt with Mexican or Italian food.

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Alia Bhatt is a foodie by heart. She loves to eat street food and had to hit the gym regularly to balance extra calories. But what she loves most is yogurt. She needs yogurt every time and with everything. Even when she orders Mexican or Italian she loves to order a bowl of yogurt along with it.

10. She plays very good handball and has a very flexible body.

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Alia Bhatt has never been academically good at her school times but was sporty from the beginning. She was a very good handball player and possesses a flexible body. She is so flexible that she can touch her toe to head and can rotate her knee clockwise.

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