How To Feel Prettier In Less Than An Hour

Not all days are alike. There are days when we feel confident and happy and on certain days we feel gloomy, sad and feel that we are not loo...

Not all days are alike. There are days when we feel confident and happy and on certain days we feel gloomy, sad and feel that we are not looking our usual pretty self. On such days we want to hide away from the world, curled up in our bed feeling that we are not beautiful enough to go outside. And imagine on one such day you get an unexpected invitation to a very important party, what will you do? Most of us would skip the invite just because somewhere deep inside we have made a perception that we are not looking pretty today. This happens so many times and no matter how much we try to pamper yourself, you just don't feel like going anywhere let alone a party. A simple fact we need to understand here is that feeling pretty or beautiful is all about your perception towards yourself. If you feel confident about your looks and are happy inside, you feel pretty. If you have low esteem levels, no matter how much makeup you put on you will never feel beautiful. So today in this article we will discuss some quick and easy steps you can do to feel pretty in less than an hour and get ready to conquer the world once again.

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Sweat It Up

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Exercising will increase the blood circulation in your body and make you feel more pumped up. All the tiredness will quickly vanish and you will feel toned up and confident. Remember how you get nice flushed face after every workout session? The rosy blush will last all day and it will invigorate your mind making you feel more awake and confident.

A Quick Shower

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This is the best fix to look and feel instantly revived. All you need to do is to take a quick shower. The running water will soothe your senses and you will feel more relaxed and refreshed. Additionally, you can use some bath salts and favorite body washes. Once you will step out from the shower, you will start feeling your usual pretty self again.

Take A Short Nap

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A quick nap will refresh your mind and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Whether you are unsure about your looks or have any other stress its best to sleep on it. It will not only make you feel better but you will look better too. A nice cat nap will make you look more glowing and awake.

Home Facial

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Home facials work like a magic when your skin becomes dull and tired. You can use the one purchased from the market or if you don't have those you can always take a little help from your kitchen and use natural ingredients and get yourself a facial at home. One thing that you should never skip doing in a home facial is steaming. Steaming the face before applying mask opens up the pores, maximizes the effects and imparts a healthy glow to the face.

Style & Accessorize Your Hair

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Another thing you can do when you are unsure about your looks is to play with your hairstyle. Doing your hair differently from regular days will make you feel prettier. Add some hair accessories and keep experimenting with your hairstyles. This will surely make you feel more beautiful.

Smell Nice

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It's proven in studies that when you smell nice, people find you more attractive. A nice smelling perfume will lift up your senses and you will feel more confident about yourself. Fragrances can greatly alter your mood. So next time when you are feeling little less pretty, use some perfume to lift up your senses.

Wear Nice Fitted Dress & Put On Makeup

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A nicely fitted and bold dress will make you feel more confident and more confident means you will feel prettier. Use a little help of makeup to hide those dark under eyes and blemishes. Soon you will feel like a diva ready to walk on the runway.

This is the little cheat sheet to follow when you feel dull, tired and not your usual self. You can use them and feel prettier in less than an hour. Please drop your comments below on how you find this article and share your secrets on feeling prettier.

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