10 Hair Styling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

There are days when you wake up with the perfect mane and literally everything around you seems to be flawless. Well, that is kind of a rare...

There are days when you wake up with the perfect mane and literally everything around you seems to be flawless. Well, that is kind of a rare event. But what if you are having a bad hair day? No beautiful woman ever wants to face that. Well, we girls might be a little lazy but we have to admit that we want the perfect kind of hair throughout the week. Be it messy, bun or simple blowout, hairstyles add a stunning glamour quotient that enhances the look for the day. We all adore the hairstyles of the hottest celebs – ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood but even celebs use certain cheat tricks to get those perfect hair for every kind of hairstyle. Hair hacks are the best thing that I have discovered while writing articles and to say from my personal experiences, they work great when you're in a hurry or simply want to fake a sexy messy bun or classic pony. So now you don't have to strive anymore in the morning to style your hair. Let's go through the tips and tricks to save time yet look stunning.

1. Blow Dry Upside Down

Is your hair looking lumpy and lacking volume? Here's the solution to add up the natural volume to your gorgeous mane. Bow down your head and blow dry your hair upside down. Start from the nape and slowly move to the ends. This is best performed on freshly shampooed hair, but you can also try this method on second or third day after shampoo by simply making the hair damp and following it up with a heat protectant or volume mousse.

2. Beach Waves Without Heat

There is a very simple way to get the flawless beach waves you have been dreaming of showing off. Dampen your hair slightly concentrating from middle to the ends and apply a nice serum, leave-in-conditioner or simply a curly hair spray. Divide the hair into two or four parts depending on the length and volume of your hair and simply braid it. Leave it overnight and wake up with soft beach waves. Secure them with a spray to hold it for long.

3. Tame The Flyways

We all hate how the flyways ruin the whole hairstyle we create after several hours of labor. Spray some light spray oil, hair gel or hairspray on a clean toothbrush and brush them over the sides to tame the flyways. In this way neither the hair looks oily nor too sleek, plus the flyways stay in proper place without ruining the hair style.

4. Baby Powder Or Dry Shampoo

It is a miracle thing to try when you simply don't have time or energy to wash your hair. When you have a super busy ahead of you and you don't have time to wash your hair, spray some dry shampoo or sprinkle some baby powder to your scalp and massage it. This will take off the extra oil from your hair and make it look voluminous from roots and silky. The baby powder works amazingly well if you use it overnight and you would wake up with a nice oil-free scalp.

5. Quick Curls

When you are in a hurry, parting hair into various sections and curling them up is definitely a tiresome job to do. For a quick solution, turn your head upside down and tie a pony at the top of your head. Now divide the hair with the pony into 3-4 parts and curl them. Start from the middle, then go into the length and then go back to the roots. Now simply open the hair and secure the curls with the spray to hold them for long.

6. Voluminous Ponytail

Do you envy the voluminous ponytail of the celebs and how they flaunt them in style? Well, you can do it as well without putting much effort and investing in high-end products. Pull the top half of your hair and tie it in a ponytail. Now, gather the remaining half and tie below the upper one. Divide the hair in such a way that the upper one has more volume than the lower one so that it can hide the lower one efficiently. In this way, it adds both volume and length to your hair.

7. The Perfect Puff

Puff has been in fashion for long and it simply looks amazing. Of course, achieving the perfect puff isn't an easy task. There are two ways you can do it, whichever is convenient for you. By the first method, you can gather the top of the hair and tease the back with the teasing brush or toothbrush. Now, use your finger to gather the hair and secure with a clip. Secondly, you can gather the hair and tie it with a thin rubber band 3 inches upwards from the scalp. You can increase or decrease the height depending upon the kind of puff you want. Simply secure with a clip to hide the rubber band and you would get a perfect puff that would stay in place all day long.

8. Wash The Bangs

When the hair starts getting oily and you want to deck up for a special occasion, simply tie you hair back tightly and secure them with a rubber band leaving the bangs hanging loose in front. Now turn the head upside down and wash the bangs. In this way, you will be saving the hair from repetitive chemical damage and help to retain the natural moisture and shine.

9. Tame The Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is something we all dread. Tame the frizzy hair by rinsing the hair with 3 cups of water and half cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. Now rinse the hair and instead of towel drying method, use an old cotton tee to wrap the hair to soak up the water. When the hair is semi-dry, add few drops of grapeseed oil or olive oil with the leave in conditioner and apply from the middle to the ends. When the hair dries up, you would see there is absolutely no frizziness at all.

10. Donut Or Messy Bun

Buns are quite in fashion and truly the most comfortable hairstyle to sport. To make a messy or donut bun, tie your hair high up and secure with a band. Use an old sock or fluffy hair band and pass the ends of the hair through it. Holding it up, roll the hair down to the place where it has been secured, i.e., the base. Now secure it with hairpins to keep the bun in place. If you want to make it messy, pull it few strands from the bun to make it messy.

So these are some hair styling hacks you can swear by when you are feeling lazy or running out of time. Do let us know your hairstyling hacks in the comments below!

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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