How To Get Curly Hair Without Heat

Hello, everyone! Hope you all are in the pink of your health. I am here with the tutorial of big cur...

Hello, everyone! Hope you all are in the pink of your health. I am here with the tutorial of big curly hair. I have a fondness for big curls and ever since I have discovered a way to keep my hair curly for a day or two without using heat, I literally do it every time. Curls give your hair volume and we can try out various hairstyles. Curls prevent my hair from weighing down even after 3-4 days of shampoo and are easy to manage if moisturized properly. One of the major perks I feel is that it is extremely low maintenance as you need few products to pump up the volume and bounce, unlike straight hair. So, today I am going to share with you guys a no-cost method way of curling hair without any tools! Read on to know more about the method.

Things Needed:
  • Some hair clips.
  • Wide tooth comb.
  • Leave-in-conditioner.
  • Hairspray for curls.


Wash your hair and soak the excess water with a cotton cloth. Avoid drying with the towel as it is extremely harsh and disrupts the natural texture of your hair. As the hair is slowly getting dry, apply a leave-in conditioner.
Comb the hair with the wide toothed comb and middle part your hair. Take one section and keep twisting the half damp hair using your finger as shown in the picture.

Now, secure the twisted portion on top of the head with a hair clip and make sure it is tight enough not to open. Keep it for 4-5 hours as your hair air-dried naturally. You can also keep it overnight and sleep on a pure silk pillow if you have extreme straight hair. Avoid using the dryer to control the frizz.

Slowly open the twisted portion and let it be loose as shown in the picture. Take a hair spray for curls and apply it from an approximate distance of 10-12cm away from hair and let it dry naturally.

Now, simply use your fingers to comb the hair and you will see how nice and hydrating your curls look.

Let me know how you liked this tutorial and tell me how you like styling your curls.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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