Trichup Hair Fall Control Cream Review

Monsoon has already knocked Kerala's door and we in Kolkata are waiting desperately for the firs...

Monsoon has already knocked Kerala's door and we in Kolkata are waiting desperately for the first downpour of this rainy season. Though rainy and cloudy days create a hindrance in clicking good product pictures, I am longing for light showers as the heat has totally become unbearable. So in my recent haul, I purchased a hair fall control cream called Trichup Herbal Hair Fall Control Cream. This is the first ever hair cream I'm using. I never had a stint with them before. I am not suffering from severe hair fall issues but since the time my hair has grown long, I have been noticing hair fall whenever I comb my hair or shampoo. I always have a nightmare of getting bald and cannot afford to lose my precious tresses. If you remember my Vasu UVA Acnovin Acne Treatment kit review, you can recall that I introduced the brand Vasu Healthcare to everyone. Trichup is the sub-brand of Vasu Healthcare which sells hair care products under it. It has a complete hair care kit collection. So take a look at the review further to know how much Trichup Herbal Hair Fall Control Cream scores from me.

About Trichup Hair Fall Control Cream:

Trichup Hair Fall Control Cream is enriched with the natural goodness of Amalaki and Bhringraj, formulated after years of research. Scientifically formulated for penetration to improve blood circulation to the hair roots. Trichup Hair Fall Control Cream repairs damaged the hair shaft and strengthen hair from roots, naturally.


30 INR for 50 g

Shelf Life:

2 years

Ingredients List:

D.M water, glycerin, light liquid paraffin, aloe vera extract, cetosteryl alcohol, glyceryl mono stearate, propylene glycol, silicon oil, cetyl alcohol, micro wax, amalaki extract, neem extract, mandukparni extract, bhringraj extract, EDTA, sodium propyl paraben, sodium methyl paraben, DMDM hydantoin, butylated hydroxyl toluene, GHTC, carbomer, triethanolamine, perfume & permitted color.

Directions For Use:

Take sufficient amount of Trichup Hair Fall Control Cream and gently massage on the scalp. Apply to root and hair shaft after wash.

My Experience With Trichup Hair Fall Control Cream:

Trichup Hair Fall Control Cream comes in an olive green tube packaging with a black flip open cap. It has flowery patterns on the front which looks very elegant. Overall, there is no issue with the packaging as the tube is safe to travel with. The cream is light sea green in color with a pleasant mild fragrance. The cream is very smooth in texture with a consistency between medium to thick. It is easy to massage on wet hair and you need just a small amount for application.

It transforms my dull hair to smooth, soft and manageable tresses. I don't feel as if it's weighing down or making my hair appear limp. It imparts a nice healthy natural shine to it as well. I have been using this cream regularly and have noticed a reduction in hair fall. Moreover, since it makes hair manageable, combing becomes easy and hair fall due to breakage is prevented ultimately. Even after 2 days of using this cream, my hair remains manageable and easy to comb. Since it is a cream and we are using it on the scalp directly, it leads to scalp build up. And shampooing frequently due to this heavy scalp build-up is not a good idea. I have limited its use to once a week though I shampoo thrice a week. Overall it is a good product since it does what it claims and reduces hair fall.

Pros Of Trichup Hair Fall Control Cream:
  • Easy on the pocket.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Reduces hair fall with regular usage.
  • Hair feels soft and smooth.
  • Makes hair more manageable.
  • Imparts a natural shine to hair.
  • Does not weigh down the hair.

Cons Of Trichup Hair Fall Control Cream:
  • Leads to scalp build up very fast and thus needs frequent shampooing which is not good for hair.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I am planning to get the bigger size of this cream as it does what it claims. Trichup Hair Fall Control Cream reduces hair fall and makes hair soft and smooth. Hair stays manageable for almost 2 days post usage. Since I have long hair, combing is always a very tough task for me but this cream makes it so easy to comb and detangle my hair. The only complaint I have is that it leads to scalp build up. But still I feel you should try this cream as it does not make any false claims.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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