10 Ways To Encourage A Child Who Hates Studying

There are probably few people in the world who love studying. If we as adults do not enjoy the concept of studies, there is little wonder th...

There are probably few people in the world who love studying. If we as adults do not enjoy the concept of studies, there is little wonder that the restless little ones also don't find it amusing. But studies and schools are an important part of growing up and eventually most of us understand the need to study. But there are some children who absolutely hate the idea of studying and are always on the lookout to escape it. It becomes very difficult for the mother to get the child to do the homework or even look at the school textbooks. This may lead to poor performance in school and affect the child's overall development in the long run. But you don't have to go into depression because of this. It is not something abnormal to hate studies. With some simple tips to encourage a child who hates studying, things can be brought back on track!

1. Understand The Cause For Dislike

Is the book not stimulating his brains or his senses? Is the child having difficulty remembering things learned in school? Is the kid absorbed with something else? Are the child's interests at loggerheads with the studies? With a carefully charted conversation, try to understand why your child does not like studies at all. Once you get to the root cause, creative solutions can be formulated to deal with the issue.

2. Plain Reading Is Boring

Children in school are in their peak of creativity. They like to imagine things and knit stories around them. So give wings to their imaginations. Don't just sit with a book and force them to learn. Make use of colorful pictures, videos, and presentation to teach them.

3. Interactive Study Is Good For Memory

When exam times are near and your child has to memorize a lot, don't give them a sheet of questions to write the answers. Don't ask them to mug answers. Instead, have a role play activity. Let your child be a celebrity and you interview him or her. Frame your question to mimic a real interview and let the child answer. This will ensure that the child has learned the chapters and it does not resemble a boring study routine.

4. Don The Role Of A Student

Children love to enact their teachers. So let them do it. You become the student and try to involve other family members in this imaginary classroom. Tell your child to be the teacher and teach you the lessons of the day. You ask a question in between to check if he or she has a clear understanding of the subject.

5. Make The Mundane Lessons Relatable To Life

On weekends, take your child out on trips and teach while they are away from a serious study environment. Take them to museums, forts, and castles and help them relate to history. Use every day objects to explain concepts taught at school. It is only when they see things for real, they will feel like taking a real interest in them.

6. Make Study Time A Fun Event

Avoid scolding your child when they refuse to study. Instead, think of fun things to ensure that the learning continues while they enjoy themselves. Play their favorite songs and suddenly stop in between to ask a question or do a math problem. They will do it quickly because they know that the sooner they finish, the sooner the song and dance will resume.

7. Sometimes Just Let Them Be

This is a passive technique to make children do things they don't like. If children are adamant about not studying, give them a cold expression and let them not study. Don't speak to them or indulge in any fun activity. When a fun mom turns grumpy, children will do their best to get her to smile, even if it means finishing their studies.

8. Patience Is The Key

It is okay if your child does not like studying. With time, we have all learned to write our exams and pass our tests. So your child will learn too. Don't force it on them and make the whole thing a bitter experience. Try to be as creative and fun as possible to get your child to enjoy the study time.

9. Always Stick To The Study Schedule

Children should be used to a study time every day. No matter what you are doing, or where you are, a fixed time during the day should be dedicated to studies. Do not skip this. Let them get habituated to this time. Whether they like studying or not, over a period of time, children will be conditioned to study during their study time.

10. Keep In Touch With School

Children are very sensitive. A small incident can trigger a massive reaction in them. You are watchful when he or she is at home. So you know exactly what is going on. But it is equally important to keep a tab on what's going on in school. Speak to the teachers at regular intervals to know your child's performance and behavior.

So now that you know the various ways to help your little one study, stop worrying and plan up an interesting study time.

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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