September 21, 2014

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Shea Enriched Shower Gel Review

by Lavanya T R

Shower is an important part of our daily life and gives a kick start to our day. Hence it is very important to use the right shower gel to make the experience wonderful. A proper shower gel can make us we feel energetic, which in turn, makes our day brighter. Having tried many fragrances at Bath & Body Works, this time I picked up my first shower gel from Sweet Pea fragrance. Though the 3 fl oz. bottle is priced at $5, I got them in an offer of buy 3 and get 2 free, which I feel is a good deal. I have finished this entire bottle now and thought I should let you know if this shower gel is good or bad. So, why the delay?

Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick Apple Springs Review

by Salomi Das

All of us are aware of the beauty brand Elle 18 and the beautiful lipstick shades they have. I own two of them – one is Baked Peach which I have already reviewed and the other one is Apple Springs. This particular shade was gifted to me sometime back by one of my friend. She feels that I should try out some bright colors as well because I am more into neutrals. She said that, she picked this shade exclusively for me. I have used this lipstick for months now and so I thought of reviewing it for you all. Read on to know more about the product.

Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-Oxidant Berry Lip Balm Review

by Salomi Das

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing fine. As we all know, it is very important to use an effective lip balm to keep our lips soft. It is essential to carry a lip balm all throughout the year and use it when in need. I love hoarding lip balms and when I saw Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-Oxidant Berry Lip Balm in my Diva Likes haul, I was so excited. It's been almost a week that I have been using this variant. I always carry it around in my wallet. So, I guess it's time to review it. Let's see how it fared with me.

September 20, 2014

Memorable Weekend At Om Beach, Gokarna

by Kriti Mazumdar

I was in the graveyard shift. It was around 2 AM when my phone rang. I received the call and heard a super excited voice. It was my husband. The gist of the conversation revolved around a surprise trip for a newlywed couple. Our friends Prakash and Vanya got married recently and they did not have sufficient leaves to plan a honeymoon. My optimistic husband believes in "Something is better than Nothing". So he arranged for four bus tickets to Gokarna for Saturday night. I listened to him while he narrated his Gokarna tour plans, while searching google for more info. The night passed and I sounded as excited as my husband when I broke the news to Prakash and Vanya.

Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Dazzling Diva (602) Review

by Salomi Das

By now, we all know how amazing the glitter mania shades are! After reviewing almost every shade, I realized that though they belong to the same family, they differ in their own way. There is a famous saying "Save the best for the last". And that is the reason I thought I would send the review of Dazzling Diva in the last slot. I was on top of the world to find this in my Diva Likes haul. This is my favorite color from this range and I just couldn't keep myself away from it. The only word that comes to my mind while describing this color is – exquisite. But, then one should never judge a book by its cover. So let's see whether the varnish is as good as it looks like or not.

MUA Makeup Academy Lipstick Shade 3 Review

by Karishma Lakdawalla

I love lipsticks, especially pink lipsticks. Every time I go shopping, I always try to look for a pink shade to add to my collection. I know it's a silly obsession. Now I own so many pink lipsticks and MUA Makeup Academy Lipstick Shade 3 was the first bright pink lipstick I bought. It's also the first ever lipstick I got from MUA. Read on to know how this lipstick fared with me.