April 17, 2015

A.TRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion 02 True Beige Review

by Salomi Das

Hello everyone! How is summer treating you? Well, my skin gets tanned excessively but thankfully now-a-days I am managing indoor work mostly. Due to acne issues, there are various spots on my cheeks which make me depend on foundations or BB creams. Diva Likes sent me this CC cream from the German brand A.TRUE. Well, this unique CC cream is enriched with the goodness of black tea that has numerous elements for the betterment of your skin. I actually never came across such unique product and it was such an exceptional experience for me altogether. Without wasting time, let's get straight to the review and see how the product worked for me.

April 16, 2015

Gits Ready Meals & Instant Mixes

by Lavanya T R

The busy lives of today don't leave us with enough time to try and experiment in the kitchen. To solve the problem of occupied people and serve their taste buds with delicacies, Gits has pioneered the convenience of ready meals and instant mixes. Especially when you are abroad and craving for instant Indian food, Gits is the answer. All you have to do is carry Gits packaged foods along with you or buy them in a nearby store!

Sculpt Khaki Eye Makeup Tutorial

by Salomi Das

Few days back, the beauty world was stormed with the Lakme fashion week when they graciously launched the Sculpt fashion on day 2. Undoubtedly, I loved the Anamika Khanna sculpt looks as well as her creations. Few of the makeup looks were breathtaking in the show. A particular eye makeup look impressed me a lot where they gave a sculpted touch to a simple khaki eye makeup. I was anyways planning for a khaki eye makeup tutorial but decided to go for the sculpted one. This eye makeup isn't subtle but an apt one for big occasions. This eye makeup can go with a peach or orange lip color and contoured cheeks. So, let's see how to create this look.

Different Methods To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

by Emily

Stretch marks are a problem for many women. While some women learn to love them, or at least to tolerate them, others want to find the best way of helping them to fade. There are several methods that you can try, no matter what your budget is or how much time you want to spend getting rid of them. If stretch marks are making you feel miserable, you can try one of the remedies available, which you can either do at home yourself or have a professional perform. Some techniques might be more expensive than others while some will take longer, but you can try different ones to find the one that's right for you.

April 15, 2015

8 Tips To Deal With Hot Weather Summer Vacations

by Lavanya T R

Summer is the favorite time for most people to take a vacation. That is because rainy and winter season have adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, storm and unbearable cold which is not ideal when you think of going on a vacation. On the other hand, hot weather conditions can be perfect for travel. Who doesn't love a sunny weekend getaway or a week long vacation at a beach house? But along with the beauty of summer vacation, you also have to face the hot weather and scorching sun which can be harmful for your skin, hair and body. To overcome this trouble we present to you few tips so that you can deal with hot weather summer vacations.

April 13, 2015

DIY Heat Protectant Spray

by Salomi Das

Hello my pretty ladies! Hope you all are doing well. I have been away for a while from here, but it feels superb to be back again. The past week has been really tough for me – professionally and personally but thankfully I had my closest buddies who were there for me through thick and thin. Coming back to the magical world of beauty, I am here with a DIY. Well, who doesn't want perfect hair day for the special occasion? Unfortunately, the heat styling products can do some real damages to our hair if proper moisturization is not provided. The last time I bought a heat protectant spray, it actually did nothing to my hair. I did a bit of research on the protectant sprays which led me to the conclusion that the spray is nothing but added moisturization. So I tried my hands on it but I failed twice. On my third attempt, I got the ingredients right and it worked wonderfully for my hair. The key of the spray is to understand your hair type and get proper ingredients with the right amount. So let's get straight to the DIY.



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