October 1, 2014

Aroma Magic Strawberry Face Wash Review

by Salomi Das

Hello beauties! Hope you all are having a great time. My holidays have already started and I just can't wait to spend some quality time with my family. This vacation time is the best time for me to try out all the beautiful products I received in my Diva Likes haul and today I will be reviewing a gentle face wash from Aroma Magic. I have heard so much about this brand but did not get an opportunity to try any of their products. Aroma Magic Strawberry Face Wash is a chemical free face wash and I just go gaga over such products. Do you want to know how the face wash worked for me? Read on to know more about it.

September 30, 2014

Splendid Second Haul & Upcoming Reviews

by Salomi Das

Hello beautiful ladies! Hope you all are doing well. Festive season is just around the corner and I am too busy preparing my schedules. Nothing makes me happy than cosmetics and receiving them in a huge haul is like a dream come true. As soon as I was done reviewing my first haul, I received a massive and gigantic haul from Diva Likes with 23 amazing products from different brands. Each and every product has its own character and beauty. I am totally overwhelmed with it. Let's find out what are the products I received.

September 29, 2014

10 Tips For Choosing A Travel Companion

by Kriti Mazumdar

Travelling is a novel experience that widens one's perspective about life. Someone who feels a sense of wanderlust cannot contain themselves to routine chores. Once in a while we need to take that break and travel near and far, exploring new people and places. While some of us love spreading our wings alone and fly off to the call of the unknown, many of us need someone to share the experience together. But before you put on your travel shoes and say "Let's go!", it is important to choose the right travel companion to make the journey even more enriching. Here are ten tips for choosing a travel companion!

Get Cashback As Mobile Recharge With CouponChaska.com

by Lavanya T R

If you ask the current generation, what are they few things they cannot live without, most of them would say mobile, television, shopping etc. Especially women love shopping and talking both! Most of the shopping these days is happening online as it is relatively cheaper and less strenuous. Now what do you think makes online shopping economical? It is the amazing coupons which save a lot of money with hardly any effort from our side. Now what if you get an additional advantage of mobile recharge along with discounted online shopping? I would say it is like an icing on the cake. This is all possible with CouponChaska.com, which is a coupons, deals and cashback website with latest offers for all the online shopping sites.

September 28, 2014

Olay Foaming Face Wash For Sensitive Skin Review

by Lavanya T R

Out of the so many things we do as a part of skin care routine, face wash is definitely an important one. I love experimenting with different face washes, especially the oil free ones. After using Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Face Wash, I didn't feel like changing it. It is undoubtedly one of the best face wash I ever used. But being the enthusiastic person I am, I ended up picking a brand new face wash during my recent shopping. I had a wonderful experience with Olay night cream in the past and so thought of trying Olay Foaming Face Wash as well. Let's head straight to the review!