April 17, 2014

Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream Review


I am a huge fan of night creams and I feel it is very important to moisturize the skin throughout the night. It has now become a part of my daily routine to use night cream before I sleep. Recently I started using Olay Night Of Olay Firming Cream in order to nourish and hydrate my skin. Before this, I used Olay Natural All In One Night Fairness Cream and loved it. When that got over, I picked up another night cream from the same brand. It is the firming cream and I hoped it helps restore and firm my skin and contributes positively the way Night Fairness Cream did.

Army Wives – American Television Series

How can we not talk about the television series Army Wives in Diva Likes which mainly caters to women audience? Putting an end to it, here we are with one of the best American Television Series all the wives would surely love to watch. Not just the wives, all the women will enjoy this series. Army Wives is a story of army lives and the usual drama and happenings in their lives. If you think being in the army is tough which it is, being an army wife is also tough. That is what you get to see here. The story of four army wives and an army husband, their friendship, their happiness, their sorrow, the tragic ends, the tensions and the wars. It showcases everything and brings us closer to the world of army people. The year 2014 marks an end to this wonderful series which lasted for 8 seasons. Let's have a peep at some of the characters of the show.

April 16, 2014

Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencil Brown Dazzle Review & Swatch

By Supraja


Eyeliners are primarily used by women to give a geometric precision to the eyes. I personally love flaunting them, especially in different colors. One such shade I adore is Brown Dazzle from the Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner range. I was at my friend's place waiting for her to get dressed as we were supposed to go out. That is when I saw this product as a part of her makeup stash. I tried it on and ever since I haven't stopped liking this eyeliner. I got my own Chambor Dazzle that very evening. Thanks to Chambor, now this Dazzle Eye Liner is one of the best eyeliner ranges I ever used.

Spring & The Return Of Dry Skin

Guest Post By Johnny

Top Tips from the Skin Experts at The Laser Treatment Clinic - London, to beat the changeable weather:

Just because you're ready for spring doesn't mean your skin is. Shedding winter clothes could reveal dry, patchy, flaky skin — side effects of winter's icy breath (and the heaters and hot showers used to fight it). 
Dry/Sensitive skin is very common as the season suddenly changes from harsh winter to the bright spring sunshine. Dry skin tends to have flaky patches and chaps easily. It is fine textured, with small pores and can feel tight when you cleanse. It is most prone to signs of premature ageing such as early lines and wrinkles. It rarely develops spots but may be vulnerable to itching and irritation. Similar to dry skin, sensitive skin is the type that tends to develop broken veins and allergic reactions to irritants in cosmetics and fragrances. It often shows in a high cheek color. Extremes of weather may worsen any problems.

April 15, 2014

Textured Nail Art Tutorial

By Divya Singh

When it comes to nail art, textured nails are among the current trend and fashion. You can buy textured nail paints available in the market. In India there are very limited options to choose. Also the ones which are available are expensive and of limited availability. You can create textured nails at home which will solve all your problems. The tutorial I am sharing with you all today is to create textured nail art with a product that is an inevitable part of our kitchen. Yes! I am talking about table salt which is sitting inside the salt dispenser on your dining table. You can work wonders on your nail art with its help. This nail art is super easy, quick and really fun to do.

April 14, 2014

ShineAid Celebstick #101 Orange Blossom Review & Swatch


Nowadays I am a huge fan of Korean beauty products. I think they are coming up with amazing makeup and beauty stuff which are not only attractive but also working great in enhancing beauty. One such brand which I came to know about recently is ShineAid. Though this brand is totally new to me, I was impressed with its range of makeup products. Though I felt the products are pricey, I still went ahead trying one lipstick from this range. I totally love orange lipsticks and hence I purchased ShineAid Celebstick #101 Orange Blossom to add one more orange lip color in my cosmetics collection. I loved this color so much that I couldn't wait for it to reach me from the time I placed an order.