29 May 2015

10 Essential Items For Your Hospital Maternity Bag

by Kriti Mazumdar

Having a baby is one of the most exciting things in life, especially when it's your first one! Sometimes babies are ready to see the light of day before the predetermined due date given by the gynaecologist. Sometimes, the term may get over and the baby may decide to lie in the womb for a few days more. To cut the long story short, babies can be born anytime during the third trimester and it is best to be prepared. In the anticipation of your delivery, you may forget to pack the essentials for your hospital bag. Once in the hospital you may feel uncomfortable or go through unnecessary hassles because you don't have your essentials with you. There is no need to worry though as it is not a very long list. Read on to see what to pack for the hospital when you are going to deliver your baby.

28 May 2015

Romantic Dining Experience In The Napa Valley Wine Train

by Lavanya T R

There is a saying "Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before." But if that place has lots to offer, it is an absolute delight to make regular visits. And that's what happened to us with Napa Valley. We knew we would be coming back to this magical place in no time. So just after 2 months of our first visit to the beautiful Napa Valley, hubby and I returned to experience a romantic dining in the Napa Valley Wine Train. When you embark this scenic train journey in the heart of Napa Valley with the love of your life, wine in hand and delicacies on the plate, it is surely going to be once in a lifetime experience! And I am glad to have made some awesome memories with Napa Wine Train. So here is how our journey went!

Vega Eyelash Curler Review

by Salomi Das

For a very long time, I neglected this eye tool, mostly because it looked scary to me and I feared I would end up hurting my eyes. But then one fine day, I tried this at one of my friend's place and it miraculously changed my opinion on eyelash curlers. Indian women are blessed with not only bright almond eyes but also natural long and thick eyelashes which enriches our overall appearance. When these very beautiful lashes are curled and coated with mascara, it brightens and widens the eyes emphasizing the whole look. A dash of tight lined kohl with curled lashes can transform the look of your eye in a brilliant way. My first eyelash curler which I am going to review today hails from the brand Vega. As a beginner with curlers, I decided to go for a budget-friendly brand before I mastered the art of using it. So here's my take on the product.

27 May 2015

Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Cream Review

by Divya Singh

It's getting hotter day by day and there are no signs of rain. Summer days are filled with laziness and boredom. You don't want to step out of the house because of heat and if you stay indoors you get bored and lethargic. Plus this summer is accompanied with frequent power cuts and what you can do is just grin and get irritated. One thing you cannot miss even if you stay indoors is applying a sunscreen. Finding the right sunscreen can be a tricky task. You would want something with high SPF, less sweaty and not oily. I always go wrong in finding the right sunscreen. Since I have oily skin, all of them tend to make my skin oilier. Having fair complexion, I tan very easily. If I stay outside for 2-3 hours, I come back with one shade dark skin. So Diva Likes included Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Cream in my haul keeping in mind the ongoing summer season. I am going to review the same today, take a look!

Exploring San Francisco Mission District With Avital Food Tours

by Lavanya T R

Hola my dear readers! If you ask me "What is the way to your heart?" I would say buy me food, make me food and be food. That's true! I am a major foodie and there is no doubt about it. But more than that, I am a hardcore travel fanatic. Hit the road, explore new places and eat good food - it makes me feel ecstatic and truly blessed. Though I have been living in the bay area for quite some time, I always felt bad that I haven't really explored the neighbourhood of San Francisco. It has always been in and around the Golden Gate, but nothing beyond it. That is when I came across an interesting tour company called Avital Food Tours. Let me tell you, this is not any typical tour company. It is a guided walking food tour which takes you through the famous San Francisco neighbourhood, telling us its story, visiting some of the best restaurants, checking out their kitchen, chatting with the chefs and, of course, eating unique food with alcohol pairing. I had a wonderful culinary experience on their Mission District Food Tour, along with learning about the history and watching colorful murals! How can I let go without sharing it here?

26 May 2015

General Safety Rules You Should Teach Your Children

by Kriti Mazumdar

Children are the most innocent beings in this world. They are easily enchanted by a smile or a colorfully wrapped candy. However, in a world that's full of mishaps and crimes, it is always best to teach your child some general safety rules at a very early stage of kindergarten, so that your kid is safe and away from any sort of harm. When your little baby begins to grow up and socialize, you cannot always keep an eye on him or her. Therefore, it is of absolute importance to make your child aware of some very critical safety rules to ensure their well-being.

Search, Choose & Save On Your Online Shopping With Frugaa.com

by Lavanya T R

Gone are the days when we used to bargain in the shops while making purchases and whine about the high prices in the market. Today, shopping has become an easy task with multiple coupon codes available online. One such website which provides an end to all your couponing needs is Frugaa.com. This site not only has coupons but also has many deals, products, promo codes, sales, and reviews. Unlike any other coupon sites, Frugaa works directly with thousands of online stores and offers us the best deals to save few dollars.