01 July 2015

Gift Ideas For The Hard-To-Please Woman

by Kimberly

How many times has it happened? Maybe it was your mother-in-law or your boss, or maybe it was your girlfriend or wife, or maybe it has happened with all of them at different times. You devoted time and consideration to finding her just the right gift. You wandered from store to store until you found what seemed like just the thing. And then? When she opened it you knew it wasn't right. Sure, she was nice about it. She said, "Oh. Um. This! Yay!" and pretended to like it. But you knew. You saw the subtle downturn of her mouth and the narrowing of her eyes when she first saw the gift. She didn't like it. More than that, you could tell she would never use it or wear it or carry it around with her.

30 June 2015

How To Be The Favorite Aunt

by Kimberly

Becoming the favorite aunt of your new niece or nephew is all about developing a relationship with the child that is strong and founded in love and respect. If you've got a new little one in your life, start your relationship right by realizing that the key is being supportive of them and not trying to convince them that you are a great aunt. If you really are a great aunt, he or she will figure that out on their own!

29 June 2015

Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour With Carmel Food Tours

by Lavanya T R

If you are following Diva Likes, you know by now that my dear husband and I had a wonderful weekend experience in Carmel-By-The-Sea. Among the so many things we did over that particular weekend, the most interesting part was exploring the historic downtown Carmel via food tasting and cultural walking tour. All this was possible with Carmel Food Tours. This tour was all about taking a leisure stroll through the heart of Carmel, tasting specially selected variety of foods and wine from local restaurants and boutique shops and getting acquainted with the unique history and culture of this magical city. So let me take you through our journey of culinary hedonism!


28 June 2015

Straw Nail Art Tutorial

by Divya Singh

There is no end to creativity and imagination when it comes to nail art. You can take inspiration from anything you like or you see around to create some unique designs on your nails. Coming to the summer nail art series, summer is incomplete without juices and drinks. I personally feel like surviving on juices rather than food when there is a rise in temperature, but that's not possible as right nutrition is really important for the body. So taking inspiration from the summer drinks, I am here with the Straw Nail Art Tutorial. We love drinks in summer and drinks without a straw is not at all fun. Straw nail art has another version which I will be trying out in the upcoming days. Today I have the first version for all of you. So the next time you have a drink, you know how to make use of the straw for your nail art. Try this nail art as it is super easy and quite unique too.

10 Tips To Deal With Pimples & Acne

by Salomi Das

My skin was always acne free and once in a blue moon I used to have a pimple but nothing major that I couldn't control. Few months back during my exams I started having breakouts here and there. Initially, I thought it was due to excess caffeine, stress, lack of sleep and also neglecting CTM but within few weeks it started increasing uncontrollably. It was disheartening to see the ugly acne all over my skin and I left no stone unturned to stop them. From acne gels to home remedies, I desperately started applying everything possible to prevent them from growing. Unfortunately, all my efforts were in vain. My last resort was to visit a dermatologist and seek an expert help. So, this was my story of acne issues which actually compelled me to write this post on tips to deal with acne. Acne can be for various reasons – hormones, food habits, wrong beauty products etc. but it is difficult to trace what triggers the pimples. Hence, there are certain points which you should be keeping in mind when you face a dreadful acne situation.

24 June 2015

Weekend Getaway To Carmel-By-The-Sea & Stay At The Hofsas House Hotel

by Lavanya T R

Travel, leisure, relaxation, music, food and beach are my most favorite things. I try to accommodate them as much as I can in my day-to-day life. One fine day, me and my husband were discussing the places we haven't explored in California. That is when we arrived at the conclusion that Carmel-By-The-Sea is one place we have heard a lot about but never really spent much time there. Though we have been to the 17-Mile Drive and Big Sur, it always happened to be a quick scenic drive. But this time, we wanted to stay in Carmel during the weekend and know more about this European-style village with white-sand beaches, shopping, restaurants, wine tasting, art galleries etc. We hit the road on a Friday afternoon and reached Carmel in no less that one and half hour. We made our stop at The Hofsas House Hotel where we booked our stay for 2 nights. I came across Hofsas House Hotel while browsing the net and its history of over 60 years of European hospitality made me choose this place for our stay.

             Exterior Of The Hofsas House Hotel

23 June 2015

Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color Hot Look Review

by Salomi Das

As they say, put on a red lipstick and live a little. This is a statement for every pretty soul out there. Red is the color of every season. We girls are never satisfied with one kind of red lipstick in our stash. And why should we be when we have so many brands to explore? One such brand is Coloressence. I have, by now, acquired quite some products from them and my huge Diva Likes haul had pretty appealing red lipsticks waiting to be reviewed. Today I am going to review the shade Hot Look and by the name I am sure you guess that the color is definitely not going to be a sober one! Let's see what kind of red lip color it is and apprehend the product in details.

Acid Wash Nail Art Tutorial

by Divya Singh

Hey, everyone! I'm back with a new nail art in the summer nail art series. I know I started the summer nail art series and it's already monsoon. I have been so caught up with work off late that I am not being regular with my posts. But I will make sure I post time to time and have been keeping track on what's happening at Diva Likes. So today I will be sharing the Acid Wash Nail Art Tutorial. Acid wash and distressed effects have become very popular recently. If you happened to watch PK movie, you must have noticed how Anushka Sharma rocked the acid wash and distressed effect denim. I have become such a fan of this look. It looks so raw yet uber cool. So I tried the acid wash nail art and it turned out pretty well. I am sharing the same with you all!