01 September 2015

How To Update Your Wardrobe On A Seriously Tight Budget

by Kimberly

Fall is rapidly approaching, and you've probably started to see stores rolling out the beginning of their fall season stock. But tempting as it may be to run out and buy every cute item you see, for most of us budgeting is a real concern. For many ladies, looking cute and feeling cute are important to our self-esteem. And if you're having a low self-esteem day, resisting that cute dress that made you feel adorable because of your budget can make your bad self-esteem day even worse. Ladies, if you've been feeling a real need for a makeover, but you absolutely need to stick to a tight budget, here are the things to do to give you that confidence boost you want from a head-turning outfit without having to break the bank.

30 August 2015

Personalized Coffee Mugs From Glass With A Twist

by Lavanya T R

Coffee has a unique aroma that makes you forget how painful it is to wake up in the morning and get started for a busy day. I am a major coffee addict and love the little time I spend my early mornings with a cup of coffee. As much as I wish my coffee to be perfect, I also think the coffee mug is as important as the coffee. And when you get a chance to add a personal touch to your coffee mug, there is no looking back. Recently I got myself custom coffee mugs with personalized engraving of our very own "Diva Likes" on it. What better way to start my day than sipping hot coffee in Diva Likes mug and watch the sun rise. It is indeed pure bliss!

29 August 2015

Nike Gold Edition Woman Eau De Toilette Deodorant Review

by Salomi Das

My previous haul is almost over with this product review and truly it has been one fabulous experience to try out all the products. I saved the favorite one of mine – Nike Gold Edition Deodorant for the last review. I am such a girl who hardly experiments with deodorants unless I am gifted with any or recommended by anyone. If I like a particular fragrance I stick on with it for years to come, unless the brand stops manufacturing it. Moreover, I have the problem of sensitive skin where most of the deodorants cause slight irritation and, therefore, no matter how much I like, I am forced to discontinue it. So do you want to know my experience with the Nike one? Read on to know more about the product.

Gift Ideas For The Connoisseurs In Your Life

by Kimberly

Whether they're a lover of fine foods, fine drink, collector's items, or something else, it can be difficult to buy a gift for a friend with an expensive taste, especially if you aren't too familiar with their area of expertise. When it comes to buying a gift for a connoisseur, your best bet is to go small but classy. Look for gifts that will complement their favorite things, rather than expensive gifts to impress and overwhelm. When you're not familiar with wine or fancy cheeses, it will be just about impossible to pick out something that the connoisseur will like. Much more doable is to find something that they can use or something that you think they won't have tried before.

28 August 2015

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Shy Rose 03 Review

by Salomi Das

This is one nail color I have been obsessed with for a long time. I heard and read so many reviews about this particular color that every time I visited the Colorbar store near my college, I inquired about it but most of the times the shade was sold out. This time when I went to get my admit card from college, I visited the store on the way where the SA informed me that they have restocked the color. I wasted no time to purchase the color I have been totally crazy about. Honestly, the color is totally worth the craze. Read on to know more about the nail lacquer in detail.

27 August 2015

Nature's Essence Nourishing Pink Flower Moisturizing Lotion Review

by Divya Singh

Hi, my beautiful friends! Hope all of you are doing great and thoroughly enjoying life to the fullest. I have been keeping very busy off late, all thanks to various competitive exams I have been giving. Studying and teaching is all that is governing my life since few days. I need a long break after all these things are over. Anyways, coming to today's post, I will be reviewing Nature's Essence Nourishing Pink Flower Moisturizing Lotion. Nature's Essence is the only brand in Indian scenario that has a number of variety products with a low price. Not only skin care and hair care, even their makeup range has such good quality products at pretty low prices. Whenever I hit my local beauty store which keeps all kinds of products by Nature's Essence, I check out their products and pick up at least one. Diva Likes sent me Nature's Essence Nourishing Pink Flower Moisturizing Lotion in my latest haul. Did it fulfill my expectations? To know the answer, read the review.

8 Side Effects of Watching TV On Your Toddler

by Kriti Mazumdar

Remember the era where we had to wait for a whole week to watch our favorite cartoon or a full-length? There would be a specific time in the week when the programme would be aired and once we were done watching, we would eagerly wait for the next episode to be telecast at the same time, same day the following week. How times have changed! Today we are spoilt for choice, adults and children alike. Programmes run all day long with repeat episodes. Kids channels are abundant with cartoon shows and all a caregiver has to do to deal with a naughty toddler is to turn on a cartoon channel and get the kid glued to the television screen. But do we understand the impact of TV watching on the little ones? Let us take a look at some of the prominent side-effects of watching TV on our toddlers before you grab the TV remote to pacify the child.

26 August 2015

VLCC Lovable Lips Mango Lip Balm Review

by Salomi Das

Hello, everyone! Today I will be reviewing a lip balm from VLCC. My lips are extremely tough to deal with. They remain dry and chapped throughout the whole year. My love for matte lipsticks demands a great deal of moisturization of lips before the application of lip colors and due to this reason I carry lip balms literally everywhere. It helps to keep the dry flakes away and prevents the lip color from looking patchy. I had previously used few lip balm tubs from VLCC and they were pretty cute and hydrating too. Mostly, I loved the amazing fragrance in them. So, curious to find out about this mango lip balm? Let's get to the details.