November 26, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Lavender Lies 217 Review

by Salomi Das

No matter how much freedom we get during these college years, the reminiscences from school are something else. We cherish them as long as we live. The other day I went out with my school friends for Paulite Fest in my ex-school which was like a dream world to me. I wore a floral maxi dress paired with my latest possession of Maybelline nail color. This shade is called Lavender Lies and I am sure all of you have already guessed why I chose this color. Not only the name but the shade has a floral touch to it and so I found it to be the right pick. Do you want to find out why I got so many compliments on wearing this color? Read on to know more details about this nail lacquer.

November 25, 2014

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin Post Tattoo

by Meghna Kar

"My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story", this quote by the famous Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp suggests that tattoos are truly an extension of oneself. Tattoos are like a timeline. They are pieces of art that one collects over a period of time. Sometimes when you look at a particular tattoo, you are instantly reminded of that phase in your life when you got it and the reason behind getting that design inked on you forever. As a collector of ink, adorning your body with new designs becomes an addictive affair. Since it is with all long term commitment that one gets inked, this artwork too needs to be taken care of, especially when you are a getting tattooed for the first time. The first 10–12 days post tattoo session, are the most crucial days as it decides the final look and appearance of your tattoo. It is during this period the skin stands a chance to get infected if not looked after properly. Hence great care should be taken during the healing process of your tattoo. So here are seven simple yet effective ways to take care of your skin as you step out of the tattoo studio with your brand new body art.

5 Best Apps Every Fashionista Needs

by Emily

Our love of technology and beauty is a beautiful thing to behold. With the onset of smart devices, we don't have to pick one over the other. You need to make sure that you are using these amazing apps. Not only can you find clothes, sales and coupons with ease. But, you can also use a wide range of beauty apps so that you can be perfect with your hair and makeup.
Here are 5 of the best apps that every fashionista needs.

November 24, 2014

Nike Fission Deodorant Spray Review

by Supraja Prasad

Travelling always makes you feel dirty and sweaty. During those times, the only thing which can save you is a good fragrance. Ever since I have known what deodorants are, I haven't stepped out of my house without one. It makes me feel good and fresh. It took me so many years to land on the right fragrance as most of them are either too strong or too light. That is when I used Nike Fission Deodorant Spray. Ever since I stumbled upon this product, there has been no turning back. I remember using it for the first time at a friend's place and then I bought it at the store the very next day. Today, it is my HG deodorant. Read on see if it can become your favorite too!

November 21, 2014

6 Hair Hacks For Gorgeous Hair

by Emily

Gorgeous hair is attainable for each and every one of us. It just takes a bit of savvy to know how to get it right! Don't look at the celebrities and become green with envy. Use these hair hacks instead! You'll spend minutes on your hair rather than hours, and still look amazing.

November 20, 2014

Enliven Active Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Review

by Salomi Das

Out of the several reviews I did at Diva Likes, majority are nail varnishes. So I guess this is the best time to let you guys know about a nail polish remover, which is an indispensible product for every girl. Since childhood, I have seen my mom using Lakme nail remover and that is the most popular one in the market. But it is a small bottle that finishes off real quick. Moreover, I change my nail paints very often. So I started some research for big quantity of nail removers. I found one such from Enliven brand, which is a British beauty company. Want to know my experience with it? Read on.



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