November 21, 2014

6 Hair Hacks For Gorgeous Hair

by Emily

Gorgeous hair is attainable for each and every one of us. It just takes a bit of savvy to know how to get it right! Don't look at the celebrities and become green with envy. Use these hair hacks instead! You'll spend minutes on your hair rather than hours, and still look amazing.

November 20, 2014

Enliven Active Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Review

by Salomi Das

Out of the several reviews I did at Diva Likes, majority are nail varnishes. So I guess this is the best time to let you guys know about a nail polish remover, which is an indispensible product for every girl. Since childhood, I have seen my mom using Lakme nail remover and that is the most popular one in the market. But it is a small bottle that finishes off real quick. Moreover, I change my nail paints very often. So I started some research for big quantity of nail removers. I found one such from Enliven brand, which is a British beauty company. Want to know my experience with it? Read on.

November 19, 2014

Vaadi Herbals Instaglow 24 Carat Gold Face Pack Review

by Divya Singh

When we talk about gold, the only thing that comes to our mind is gold jewelry. Gold is just a metal but has been used since time immemorial for making jewelry and enhancing the beauty of women. But gold has some amazing benefits for our skin too. These days gold facial is catching up in trend. Lots of products are available in the market which claim to contain real gold. In a facial process, face pack plays a very important role. So this time I am going to review Vaadi Herbals Instaglow 24 carat gold face pack. I have never tried the brand Vaadi Herbals before and I am glad Diva Likes sent me this face pack to try out. Before I proceed with the review, I would like to throw some light on the benefits of a gold face pack:
• Increases radiance.
• Improves blood circulation.
• Prevents pre-mature ageing.
• Reduces discoloration of skin and lightens complexion.
• Reduces the damage caused due to sun exposure.
Now that everyone is accustomed to the amazing benefits of gold for our skin, read the review to know how this pack worked on me.

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick 310 Nutty Cookie Review

by Salomi Das

We all have been head over heels in love with the color show range of nail lacquers from Maybelline. It rocked the fashion world with its quality, price tag and have been a winner product in true sense. I am so glad to find out that Maybelline has come forward with the color show range of lip colors that promises great things. Going through its range, I found that the colors are amazing for Indian skin tones. Today, I am here to review a color show lipstick called Nutty Cookie. Brown is like a must have lip color for any lipstick lover. Do you think this lipstick be as impressive as the other Maybelline products? Let's find out.

November 18, 2014

My Latest Diva Likes Haul & Upcoming Reviews

by Salomi Das

Trying out different products and reviewing it for our readers is of great excitement to me. But do you know what makes me most happy? It is obviously receiving a big box of beauty goodies. The wonderful aroma, the look of new products, colorful nails lacquers, makeup and skin care products put together – it's like heaven wrapped in a card board box. I am so grateful to Lavanya for always choosing such amazing cosmetics and makeup products for me. Do want to know what are the gorgeous things I received in my latest haul? Read on!

November 17, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Mint Mojito 404 Review

by Divya Singh

Hello, Salaam and Namaste to all my beautiful friends! I feel it's been very long since I posted here but sometimes I just become blank and need to take some time out for myself to catch up with the energy and pace back again. These days, we see a lot of Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer reviews at Diva Likes. Most of the shades have been reviewed here by our writers. Today I am going to add one more shade to this collection. I am going to review Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Mint Mojito. There are some colors which become very tricky to carry on nails. We feel hesitant when we see them but when applied on the nails it looks absolutely wonderful. Mint mojito is one such color from the Color Show range. To know what is so special about this, read on the review.



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