How To Care For Dry Hands While Washing Your Hands Often

The world is facing a pandemic today, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - a situation so grave and critical that it is calling for extreme pr...

The world is facing a pandemic today, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - a situation so grave and critical that it is calling for extreme preventive measures of self-quarantine, lockdown across the globe and a high standard of sanitation of hands by washing them as much as possible. While the directives of hand-washing are evident, with alcohol-based sanitizers or thoroughly washing with the soap, it is clear that our hands are going to get dry and chapped. Scroll down to learn more about the remedies for dry hands and how to prevent them despite thorough cleaning.

Treat The Damp Skin Right Away

Apply a hydrating moisturizer immediately after washing your hands. This way the moisturizer absorbs onto the skin quickly and heals it. So next time when you wash your hands or finish washing your dishes, apply a moisturizer or hand cream right away!

DIY Hand Cream

Instead of relying on the market-based hand cream, you can try and make your own from the comfort of your home.
You would require cocoa butter or shea butter, hydrating oils like almond, jojoba or avocado of your choice and a few drops of essential oils like peppermint, lavender or lemongrass.
In a big bowl, cut small cubes of cocoa butter or shea butter and with the help of an electric whisker, blend the product until it is buttery and light. Once it has reached a medium consistency, add the rest of the oils and blend again for a couple of minutes. Transfer onto a clean jar and store in the refrigerator as and when needed.

DIY Homemade Nourishing Soap Bar

These are organic and devoid of any harsh chemicals that will unnecessarily dehydrate the skin. As a result, you will have soft hands no matter how many times you wash your hands.
To make a nourishing soap bar, you need to use soap bases like goat butter, shea butter or cocoa butter, essential oils like lavender or peppermint, and hydrating oils like avocado or jojoba oil. Melt all the ingredients in a double boiler or a microwave oven until they liquefy.
Make sure you give it a good stir and transfer them onto silicone molds (even cute cupcakes molds available in the market) and put them in the refrigerator for at least 4-5 hours to solidify. They are now ready to use!

Body Butter As Hand Cream

When you are in a lockdown situation, we completely understand that you may not have hand cream or salve at your disposal, or you have run out of it. In that case, you can use your body butter as your hand cream. It has all the nourishing and hydrating ingredients to protect your hands.

Gloves Treatment

It is a very common and well-known method of softening your hands. The goal is to trap the hydration long enough for the skin to absorb the goodness. Apply a generous amount of heavy-duty hand cream, moisturizer, salve or even olive oil or avocado oil and wear a pair of gloves (especially the thin rubber or surgical ones). Let it remain like that for two hours and above. If you can do this overnight, it will fetch outstanding results too and heal the nail cuticle as well. In case you don’t have gloves at your disposal, you can use socks as well.

Boroline At Your Rescue

If you are an Indian, you probably have a tube (now available in jars too) of Boroline somewhere in the house for nicks and scratches. Well, it is a magical product for soft hands if you religiously apply them twice or thrice a day (instead of other moisturizers or creams). If you don’t like the smell, you can apply it only overnight by covering your hands with gloves and wake up the next morning with soft hands. It works excellently to replenish your skin and heals the chapped areas. Additionally, the product is also antiseptic.

Soft Hand Towels

This is more of a precautionary tip to lock the moisture in the hands after thorough washing. Instead of rough-surfaced towels or paper tissues, try and use a soft hand towel with micro-fiber that absorbs the water effortlessly. Make sure to pat the skin dry instead of rubbing vigorously. In this way, there will be less friction, and the skin won’t lose the natural moisture. Also, avoid hot air machines to dry your hands.

Vaseline Trick

Vaseline is a product that is found in every household, and if not, a tub of petroleum jelly will also help you to lock the moisture in your hands and prevent drying. Take a bowl of lukewarm water and pour a few drops of baby shampoo in it. Now soak your hands in the solution for about ten minutes and rinse. Pat the skin partially to absorb the oil, and once done, slather a good amount on damp skin. Massage the product until it dissolves.

Substitute Sanitizer For Soap

We are quite aware that alcohol-based sanitizers have been suggested by WHO to prevent the COVID-19, but in case you are worried about dry hands, you can substitute the sanitizer for a bar of soap to wash your hands. In this way, the alcohol won’t dry out the skin completely or irritate your sensitive skin.

Apply Hydrocortisone Cream

If you are suffering from a worsening form of dry skin like dermatitis that leads to inflammation and redness, we suggest you use a hand cream that has the ingredients called ‘Hydrocortisone’. It will soothe the skin and help in the extreme cases of dryness.

We look forward to your comments and suggestion on keeping the hands hydrated during these times.


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