10 Important Makeup Tips For Small Eyes

They say there is a story hidden in every woman's eyes and the beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the door...

They say there is a story hidden in every woman's eyes and the beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. Each one of us is born with different eye shapes with its own character and beauty. But the beauty of eyes can be enhanced with makeup further. Eye makeup is an art and once you have mastered the correct techniques, you literally own the world for yourself. If you look at the celebrities, you would notice that not everyone is blessed with almond eyes or follow the same pattern of eye makeup. Instead, various makeup artists use different techniques to bring out the distinctive character of different eye shapes. Today we are going to get into details about the makeup tips for people with small eyes and how you can make them look bigger, brighter and more vibrant to let your eyes do the talking. So keep scrolling to know the tricks and tips every girl with small eyes should follow.

1. Conceal The Dark Circles & Reduce The Puffiness

Dark circles and puffiness are the major hindrances for small eyes. They don't help at all in bringing out the beauty of the eyes. Use a color corrector followed by the light coverage concealer to hide the dark circles. You can reduce the puffiness around the eyes by splashing cold water or chilled green tea bags to reduce the puffiness. Above all, get a proper stress-free 8 hours of sleep to wake up with brightening eyes.

2. Groom Your Eyebrows

We often concentrate so much on the eye makeup that we literally forget about the eyebrows. Eyebrows contribute to a major portion in enhancing your eye makeup look and, therefore, one should always keep them groomed and shaped to achieve that perfect look for the eyes. Small eyes should concentrate on the bold groomed eyebrows and properly fill the gap with a gray or brown pencil. Do not go overboard and extent the eyebrow but follow the natural curve and keep it simple along the eye shape.

3. Choose The Right Eye Makeup Brushes

Brushes play an important role for eye makeup. Most of the times, normal blending brushes do not work for small eyes. In that case, buy eye brushes that suit the eye shape. Zoeva has a range of "Petite" eye brushes for small eyes which work really great. Otherwise, use the large smudge brush and pencil brushes for blending and detailing correspondingly. Other than that, you have the options such as EcoTools Petite Eye Brush, Real Techniques Shading brush, MAC 217, Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush, Sephora Classic All Over Shadow Brush - Small #22, Laura Mercier All Over Eye Color Brush, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Medium Eye Shadow Brush, Colorbar Smudger Brush, E.l.f. Professional Eye Shadow Brush, Sephora Collection Double-Ended Every Day Eye Brush, Makeup Geek Brush - Pointed Crease Brush, Makeup Geek Brush - Small Crease Brush and Makeup Geek Brush - Outer V Brush.

4. Highlighting Does The Trick

You wouldn't even realize what a magic trick it is until you try it on your own. Use a liquid, pencil or baking highlighter along your brow bone and inner corner on your eyes. Merge and blend them properly with the help of a brush to avoid fallout. The highlighting will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. While applying under the brow bone, do not go all the way but cover only two-third of the brow arch which instantly lifts your eyes. You can use any color but for a neutral choice, choose a champagne gold or pale pearl shimmer.

5. Eyeliner Or Kohl Magic

Almost every girl is fond of eyeliner, but there is a different technique for the application. While you are applying the eyeliner on top of the eyelids, do not go all along the way of your eye shape. Instead, cover two-third portion on both upper and lower eyelids. Do it the same way with kohl on the upper and lower lash line as well. Enhancing the outer V of the eye will make them look bigger. Also, avoid applying dark colors on the waterline.

6. White Or Nude Eye Pencil Does The Job

White or nude kohl or eye pencil works great for small eyes. Fill the upper and lower waterline with a white or nude pencil to bring forth the best feature of the eyes. Small eyes look bigger instantly and compliment the rest of the eye makeup. For the daytime natural look, try a nude color which is slightly lighter than your skin tone and for night time use a shimmery or white liner to line the eyes.

7. Try Bold Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eyes or winged eyeliner is quite trendy now-a-days and can be paired with literally anything. Draw a bold eyeliner from the middle of the upper eyelid and slowly take it outside. This will also give an edge when you want to keep the eye makeup short and simple. You can also try colored eyeliners which make the eyes pop.

8. Eyeshadow Selection

Eyeshadow should be used advantageously balancing the tone and bringing out the best of small eyes. Use the light colored pastels or shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid and all the way to your tear duct area. Use dark colors on the outer V to create a depth. Try mastering the art of cut crease eye tutorials which work best for small eyes. Therefore, the light colors will make the eyes appear bright and dark color will give an edge to the overall appearance.

9. Avoid Creasing

Creasing is the most common problem for small eyes and hooded eyes. Make sure you invest in a good eyeshadow primer which is silicon based and has the ability to control the oil secretion for longer duration. The primer helps to bring out the best of the eyeshadow and helps to blend it smoothly. You can also avoid creasing by layering a matte powder over the primer to last throughout the day.

10. Invest In A Good Mascara

Last but not the least, is a very important step to instantly open up the eyes. This is a trick which is practiced by every makeup artist and works marvel for small eyes. Curl your lashes with a good eyelash curler and apply the first coat of mascara. Brush out the lashes to prevent clumping and apply more layers to add volume and length. Do not neglect the lower lashes. For a special occasion, apply the single coat of mascara followed by your favorite pair of falsies. Mascara and falsies contribute in making the eyes appear big and open by creating a beautiful illusion.

With these simple makeup tricks, you can make your small eyes stand out like a diva. A handful of the right colors and tricks is all you need. I hope these tips help to make small eyes look bigger and turn out to be helpful to you all!

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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