Pregnancy Week By Week : 36 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Here you are, mommies. You have carried your little one inside your womb for nine whole months. Your little one's arrival is just around...

Here you are, mommies. You have carried your little one inside your womb for nine whole months. Your little one's arrival is just around the corner! Are you all excited? Have you already given a nickname to your 'cuddle pie' and talking to it? Yes, it is indeed an amazing feeling to know that your baby is all snuggled inside your womb, ready to arrive into your loving arms. Are you eager to know what is happening to your baby this week? Read further to find out what your tot has been up to during week 36 of your pregnancy.

36 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Soft skull

You have probably read the term 'ossification' during the second trimester. It means hardening of bones. Your baby's bones have become quite strong by now (they will continue to grow stronger after birth) but the bones forming the skull is still quite soft. The soft skull will help in easy maneuvering when it is moving down the birth canal to the outside.

Most body systems have developed

As far as survival is concerned, your baby is ready to take on the new outside environment independently, thanks to its almost developed systems such as blood circulation, immune system, sense organs and so on. However, its digestive and respiratory systems still need some work and practice. Your baby has been dependent on nutrition from the umbilical cord and it will be a while after birth for its digestive system to be functional.

Your baby has chubby cheeks

The fat deposits in its cheeks are building up quite fast and by the end of this week your little one will have 'chubby cheeks'. The limbs have also stacked up on fat cells and look cuter than ever. The blood circulation makes the skin rosy pink.

Size of your baby

Have you enjoyed biting into a fleshy and tangy canary melon? No? Then make a quick visit to nearest fruit store and take a good look at a canary melon. That is how big your baby is this week. Your little bundle is a good six pounds now. It measures almost 19 inches in length from head to toe. But post week 36, your baby's rapid growth will take the back seat. The slowing down of growth is nature's way of ensuring that the baby fits into the narrow canal during its birthing process.

36 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size Canary Melon

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

A waddle for a walk: Your smart walk has now been replaced by the penguin waddle. You may find it extremely difficult to maintain your balance while walking straight. This is primarily because of the shift in your center of gravity. Waddling is a natural thing with pregnant mommies, especially during the last month of the pregnancy.

Pain in the pelvic region: The pain in your pelvis has probably gotten worse by this time. A backache is far more intense than it was a few weeks ago. Your baby's head is putting more pressure on your pelvis and your entire pelvic region is suffering from the pain. Your back is also taking the strain off your heavy uterus and therefore you may sometimes experience excruciating backaches. Just hold on for a couple of weeks more and all these pains will be replaced by newer worries and anxieties about your newborn.

The 'drop' position: Many babies 'drop' into the cavity of the pelvis, relieving the pressure on the uterus by the 36th month of pregnancy. However, it may not happen in every case and sometimes babies do not come into this position before labor time. This 'drop' is also referred to as 'lightening' as you find relief from the pressure on your diaphragm. As a result, your breathlessness will get better and you will be able to take deeper and longer breaths.

Loss of mucous plug: This may not happen until another two weeks, but many women lose their mucous plug by week 36 of their pregnancy. If you notice a thick yellow vaginal discharge accompanied by stains of blood, it is an indication that your mucous plug has come out. There is nothing to be alarmed about as this may happen hours, days or even weeks before actual labor. Book an appointment with your practitioner and let him or her take charge of the situation and tell you the right course of action.

Health Tips

  • Apply ample body lotions: Your itchy belly can add to your discomforts. Therefore it is a good idea to apply generous amounts of creams and lotions that are high in Vitamin E and cocoa butter. Both these ingredients will keep the itchy areas soft and supple and reduce the itchiness.
  • Mini-meals for gas and constipation: You are probably still suffering from gassiness and heartburn. Add to it the uncontrollable burps that can be quite unpleasant especially at a social gathering. Constipation may also add to your irritability. In order to combat these villains, make way for smaller meals throughout the day instead of trying to get all your nutritional needs from 3 or 4 big meals. Mini meals will keep flatulence and burps at bay.
  • A belly sling to help you walk better: If you are having trouble even waddling your way because of your huge belly, a belly sling may help you walk better and reduce the chances of tripping due to imbalance. This pregnancy equipment can also help in case of severe pelvic pains.


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