Are You A Pasta Lover? Here Are Things We Bet You Didn't Know

The entire world loves pasta! It is the staple food of Italy, even though the Chinese invented this delectable food. Whether you are twirlin...

The entire world loves pasta! It is the staple food of Italy, even though the Chinese invented this delectable food. Whether you are twirling your fork in a creamy and cheesy American casserole, or you are baking bucatini, it is hard to resist the savory flavors. When we think of pasta, most of us think of the flour-based noodle stocked on the supermarket shelves in congenial boxes. It is not only hard to find fresh pasta, but it also requires a certain level of skill to bake it by yourself.
Freshly baked pasta is healthy and tasty but difficult to cook. However, there are certain appliances like a pasta making machine that can help you cook fresh pasta in minutes. Yes, there are such appliances, and the one from KENT is quite popular. KENT is a household name for kitchen appliances, and the KENT Noodle and Pasta Maker fits right up in the alley when it comes to cooking healthiest pasta right from the comfort of your kitchen with ingredients from your kitchen.

KENT Noodle and Pasta Maker

We bet you didn't know about the pasta making machine, and if you call yourself a pasta buff, here are more things you don't know about pasta!

There are more than 600 types of pasta

According to the National Pasta Association (NPA), there are more than 600 types of pasta shapes in existence today. From the long strands of fettuccine and spaghetti to bow ties, tubes, spirals and even dumplings like agnolotti and ravioli, pasta exists in more shapes than most of us know. Also, as per NPA, noodles and pasta are not same and that noodles are a subcategory of pasta. Noodles must contain at least 5.5% of egg whites to be classified as pasta.

The famous lasagna was born in Naples

Lasagna is one the most popular forms of pasta eaten around the world. This wide, flat-shaped pasta is one of the oldest forms of pasta. Marcus Apicius, a Roman noble compiled a book in the third century where he described a dish made with layers of laganon – which is broadly what we know as Lasagna today. Lasagna refers to the dish made with several layers of Lasagna sheets decked on each other and alternated with sauces and other pasta ingredients.

The last three words

There is certainly some thought given when they named the different shapes of pasta. Every shape is different – in some way or the other. There are shells of large and small sizes, and the thickness of pasta varies too. However, what about the last three words? Well, if a pasta shape ends in 'ine' or 'ini' like linguine or bucatini, it tends to be thin or small. If pasta ends in 'oni' like rigatoni, it is thick and large.

The pasta and sauce mix 'n' match

All pasta and the corresponding sauces are not interchangeable. There is a reason why the different shapes of pasta are gauged on their texture, shape, and size. The type of pasta determines how well it can hold a sauce. For instance, creamy sauces cling well to the flat and long strands of pasta, whereas the short and tubular shapes are better suited with chunky and thick sauces.

The sustainable pasta protein

Pasta may come off as food which is heavy on carbohydrates. However, eggs are an essential part of pasta. One bowl of pasta cooked with flour and eggs right at your home contains as much as 12 grams of protein. It is also a way to supply required amount of amino acids to your body. Also, pasta is made with plant-based food like legumes, fruits, and grains that have less environmental impact than more meat based foods.


It is evident that all this pasta talk is bound to make anyone hungry. All those delicious flavors trussed to our minds making it difficult to resist this old dish with fresh sauces. However, October 25th is far away, which is by the way – the World Pasta Day. Bet, you didn't know that too! We hope you enjoyed the facts, and now is the time to cook yourself a bowl of appetizing pasta. However, wait. You still don't have the pasta making machine that will ease the process in minutes. We suggest you check it out. In the meanwhile, Buon Appetito!

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