Pregnancy Week By Week : 35 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Feeling more pressure on your bladder, mommies? Well as your baby is getting more intelligent, the head it becoming heavier and you are feel...

Feeling more pressure on your bladder, mommies? Well as your baby is getting more intelligent, the head it becoming heavier and you are feeling heavier moving around. The thought of climbing up and down a flight of stairs can make you anxious thanks to your swollen feet, hurting back and a football size belly. How great it would have been if you had a bathroom right next to you for the rest pf your pregnancy! In addition to your need to relieve yourself every 15 minutes, there are many changes happening in your body as your baby is getting ready for the world. Want to know the highlights of this week? Keep reading.

35 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Rapid brain development

Millions of brain cells are developing inside your little one's tiny head every day. It is packing in a lot of brain power in form of grey matter. Don't assume that your baby is just sleeping and rolling all day long. Its brain is developing at a great pace so that it can make sense of the world once it sees the light of day. Even though there is so much going on inside the skull, this bony covering of the brain is still soft and delicate. A soft skull will help the baby squeeze out through the birth canal more easily.

Packing in the weight

The remaining few weeks will be focused on packing in the fat and attaining the birth weight. The lanky form is almost gone now, and fat deposits are happily making their way under your baby's skin to make it plump and round. The bony shoulders will be padded with the fat in order to make its way down the birth canal without poking the uterus.

Buildup of meconium

Don't panic when your baby poops out a black tar like substance after birth. This intestinal waste is called meconium and your baby will have a black sticky poop till all the meconium is out of its system after birth. From this week onwards the meconium build up will begin and continue until the end of your pregnancy.

Baby is rolling and wiggling

Not feeling your baby's kicks these days? Your womb is getting smaller for the rapidly growing munchkin. So it does not have enough space to extend its legs or arms for a sporty kick or punch. Instead, it is more comfortable rolling in the sac of viscous liquid that is the amniotic fluid. You may experience funny sensations as your baby wiggles and rolls inside your womb. Every once in a while it will gulp down some amniotic fluid to give its digestive system some practice.

Height and weight of your baby

If you are in a fruit shop, look for a lettuce romaine. You can hold it in your arms and cradle it if you want to know how big your baby is right now. It is almost 18 inches tall and a good five and a quarter pounds heavy.

35 Weeks Pregnant

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

Baby's pressure on your bladder: This time don't be annoyed by your hormones for the frequent bathroom trips. It is your little one's head that is pressing down your bladder. With its birthing time close at hand, it has taken the position for birth wherein its head is downwards towards the birth canal. Your cervix is experiencing all the pressure and so is your bladder. At this stage, you may have to use the bathroom once every 30 minutes. Don't worry. This is just for the time being and no one will find it weird once they look at your huge belly.

Feeling extremely tired and fatigued: Tiredness is the hallmark of this trimester and you are feeling more fatigued than ever. Your little one is draining you of all your energy, but it is a good way to make you rest before the big day arrives. The weight of the baby, the hormones, your joints, and muscles are all making you tired and sometimes even a little restless. You may feel tired as soon as you wake up in the morning. Don't feel surprised. It is your body's way of telling you to catch up on your rest as much as possible because once the baby comes, you may forget what rest means.

Stuffy nose most of the times: Is your nose feeling stuffy though you don't have a cold? The ever pesky estrogen is responsible for making the mucous membranes in your nasal passage swell up. This makes your nose feel stuffy. No amount of blowing your nose may help. You may use nasal strips for some relief.

Itchy rashes on your belly: Itchy and bumpy rashes may make an appearance on your belly around this time of your pregnancy. For some women, it may happen at the very beginning of the third trimester. These rashes are harmless, but the itchiness can be irritating. Theses rashes are medically known as Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy, or PUPPP. Apply a generous amount of soothing aloe vera gel for relief.

Health Tips
  • Avoid engaging in activities that require balance and coordination: By week 35 of your pregnancy, you may feel very awkward doing simple things such as walking down the stairs, dusting the top shelves of your kitchen cabinet or even cleaning the pot in your bathroom. This is absolutely alright. You have to understand that there is a shift in your center of gravity thanks to the big baby inside. Therefore your balance may not be as good as it was a few months ago. It is best to avoid work that requires hand-eye and muscle coordination.
  • Include a good dose of vitamin C in your diet: As explained in an earlier post, your gums may have become weak during your pregnancy. It may even bleed or seem tender. A good way to boost the strength in your gums and avoid gum related problems is to include a substantial amount of vitamin C such as orange juice (freshly squeezed without sugar is the best), berries and cherry tomatoes in your diet.

This is a good time to read your favorite novels and magazines. You could even start movie marathon and watch all the good movies that you have missed. These activities do not require much physical effort and will keep you occupied all day long without posing any risks. But do remember the occasional nap so that you don't stress your eyes too much. And include a few bites of healthy sandwiches, fruits, and nuts throughout the day.


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