ALMON Pink Latex Free Blending Sponge Review

I have been meaning to write this review since forever but I simply keep forgetting about it. I brought this makeup sponge about a year ago ...

I have been meaning to write this review since forever but I simply keep forgetting about it. I brought this makeup sponge about a year ago on a whim (which I always do) because I was in desperate search for a dupe of Beauty Blender (which costs a fortune to me!). Brushes were not my forte when it comes to blending foundation or BB/CC creams. Rubbery sponges or wedges were of no help and I knew had to invest on something latex free. This sponge turned out to be a huge hit for me and even after a year, I am using it literally for everything – foundation, concealer, strobing and so on. The brand is an Indian one, so not very publicized and products can be brought from their website itself (without shipping charges, COD available). So read on to know why I love this sponge so much.

ALMON Pink Latex Free Blending Sponge Review

About ALMON Pink Latex Free Blending Sponge:

The unique shape of ALMON latex-free oblong blending sponge provides a comfortable grip, while easily reaching facial contours during make-up application.
• Swells twice in size when sufficiently wet and becomes soft and bouncy
• Pointed tip ALMON blending sponge for concealing the spots and flat base for quick and wider coverage
• Washable and reusable

ALMON Pink Latex Free Blending Sponge

ALMON Pink Latex Free Blending Sponge Packaging

ALMON Latex Free Blending Sponge


850 INR

Directions For Use:

Wet the sponge until it's completely saturated squeeze out the excess water, and dab it in your makeup. Then, bounce it along the skin, pressing slightly on the surface.

My Experience With ALMON Pink Latex Free Blending Sponge:

It comes in a black cardboard pyramid shaped box which isn't very sturdy or anything but enough to keep the sponge protected. The brand name is simply written in silver with minimal details on the bottom. The sponge is available in pink and black, I think. The shape of the sponge is somewhat dome-shaped and the bottom is wide and rounded. The sponge is latex-free and thus feels extremely soft against the skin, especially when it swells up. It does have a slight con because the sponge has the tendency to soak up foundations, especially liquid foundations and applies as a sheer layer. Thus, dot the foundation or apply with a flat brush and then use the sponge to blend in. It feels extremely soft and when bounced, balance out the look without getting patchy. It makes the foundation or concealer look seamless. I have the habit of applying a thick layer of cream concealer underneath the eyes and then dab the sponge to take away the excess and blend at the same time.

ALMON Blending Sponge

Latex Free Blending Sponge

When soaked in water, the sponge swells up to 40% of its actual size and thus it becomes very easy to use. I use the bottom portion mainly for foundations and the top portion for inner corners of eyes, nose, etc. You need the squeeze in the top portion while using underneath the eyes. I also use the dampen sponge to bake underneath as well as for cream and powder strobing. Thus, be it baking, strobing, blending – the sponge can do the job flawlessly. If you have a problem with cakey foundation and concealer, this is surely the one tool that would help you to make everything look blended and seamless. Avoid dragging the foundation too much because it may move the product and look uneven. The only complaint I have is that I would prefer the teardrop shape rather than this one because the curvy portion is useless.
Coming to the washable part, it is very important to apply the base with clean tools. Otherwise, you may end up with acne or uneven layer of foundation. Thus, I make sure to wash it every time I use it for the base, baking or anything. This may be surprising but the sponge is so easy to wash and never retained dark patches of colors or anything. From baby shampoo to mild face washes – anything works well to clean up the sponge and thus very convenient to use again. Even though the sponge is light and soft textured, it never tore from anywhere which is pretty common with Beauty Blender.

ALMON Pink Latex Free Blending Sponge Performance

ALMON Pink Latex Free Blending Sponge

Sponges like these are always compared with the Beauty Blender because that is one revolutionary product. I don't have BB but all I can say is that after using this one, I won't be investing 2K on Beauty Blender for sure. Compared with the RT sponge (which I will review after some time), this sponge does the work seamlessly and makes my job easier. Traveling with this is pretty convenient although I would have preferred a nice case for the price I am paying. The sponge is surely worth the price.

Pros Of ALMON Pink Latex Free Blending Sponge:
  • Lightweight yet dense in texture.
  • Well shaped.
  • Gives an airbrush look to heavy creamy foundations.
  • Works great for foundation, concealer, baking, bronzer, strobing and powder as well.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It doesn't tear down even though I have been washing and using it for a year now.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Available in India.
  • Worth the price.

Cons Of ALMON Pink Latex Free Blending Sponge:
  • Packaging needs a huge improvement.
  • Too much blending may sheer out the coverage of the foundation.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I am simply in love with this sponge. For someone who loves blended and airbrushed foundations and base, this is surely a great pick.


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