Basicare NBR Foundation Sponge Review

Foundation Sponge is now-a-days a basic necessity for make up lovers. It is very useful to spread fo...

Foundation Sponge is now-a-days a basic necessity for make up lovers. It is very useful to spread foundation, concealer and powder evenly on your face. They help apply foundations smoothly without leaving streaky lines which we get from foundation brushes. Although I have a whole lot of foundation brushes, I am more comfortable using Foundation Sponge. That's why I ordered a new one from Flipkart website.

About Basicare NBR Foundation Sponge:

These sponges are made of NBR(Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) to provide a smooth blending and even application for liquid, cream and foundation powder. With its fine texture, this sponge offers maximum control and flawless finish to your cosmetic application.
Wedges Foundation Sponge is used to blend foundation near you nose area.
Oval or Round Foundation Sponge you can be used to blend foundation evenly on your face and neck area. I got an oval one for myself.


Rs.150(Got it for Rs.135/- at discount of 10% on Flipkart)

Shelf Life:

If the sponge has lost its original shape, smells odd, or starts to shred at the edges then replace it with the new one.

Method Of Use:

Apply dots of foundation on your face. Slightly wet your sponge. Don't be harsh on your skin, just dab the product with the help of sponge on your skin. Blend, blend and blend is the only key to avoid the cakey look on your face.

My Experience With Basicare NBR Foundation Sponge:

Nobody likes streaky lines of foundation on your face. This sponge not only spreads the foundation easily but evenly as well. I love the thickness of the product which helps me to hold it properly. After washing it, it still looks brand new, soft and silky. Before ordering the product, I read about the foundation sponge on internet. It was mentioned that if the pores on the foundation sponge are smaller then it will soak the lesser amount of foundation. So the best part of the sponge is it has smaller pores which helps in less wastage of product. All in all, I am in love with this product.

Pros Of Basicare NBR Foundation Sponge:
  • Very soft.
  • Maximum control.
  • Easily blends the foundation.
  • You can wash the product easily.
  • Does not shred at the edges at all.
  • It has small pores which helps in less wastage of the foundation.
  • Can be used with all types of foundations (liquid, cream or powder) and concealers.

Cons Of Basicare NBR Foundation Sponge:
  • The main con of the makeup sponge is it soaks too much of foundation. But that is with all the makeup sponges. Thankfully it has small pores so less wastage of the product.

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Final Note:

I personally recommend Basicare NBR Foundation Sponge. You should have at-least one in your vanity.

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