Soulflower What-A-Melon Soap Review

Soulflower website is really tempting with its wide range of products with wonderful colors. Of course, how can I forget its speciality, whi...

Soulflower website is really tempting with its wide range of products with wonderful colors. Of course, how can I forget its speciality, which is vegan products. Given a chance, I would love to try all the soaps, carrier oils, bath salts etc. One among my so many picks from Soulflower is What-A-Melon soap. We all eat a lot of water melon in summer to keep us hydrated, so how about using a soap which is made from water melon? Here it is, Soulflower What-A-Melon soap which looks like water melon and smells the same. Do you want to know if it has the same benefits like that of watermelon?

About Soulflower What-A-Melon Soap:

Ever eaten a luscious, delicious watermelon? Well its now time to feed your skin. You get the triple benefit of exfoliator, moisturizer & backteria fighter all rolled into 1 mouthwatering soap. Your skin will feel fresh & supple, clearer & bright. This soap is very effective for damaged raw skin, if you have been out in the sun too long, or spend time in the pool or on the beach. Suitable for all skin types. Does not contain artificial hardeners & preservatives. Store in a cool dry place for longer shelf life.


Rs.250/- for 150g


Soulflower, Flipkart (Offers lesser price than Soulflower website)


Fresh watermelon, green tea powder, chlorophyll powder, black sesame seeds, glycerin, aqua, saponified oils of olive, coconut, castor, palm & palm kernel.

Watermelons are rich in vitamins A, B & C that keeps the skin fresh, radiant & hydrated. The juice protects the skin from the sun. It also clears the skin leaving it free from blemishes, fresh and lovely. The fiber content in watermelon ensures toxins are scrubbed out of your system leaving your skin healthy & glowing.
Green tea protects against sun damage, combats signs of aging, treats inflammatory skin conditions like acne & pimples & soothe cuts and sunburns.
Chlorophyl powder, which is made by crushing wheat germ grass, has antibacterial properties making it great for treating of acne, pimples, searring & blemishes.
Black sesame seeds help skin resist the ageing process through the presence of a remarkable water retentive protein. It can help reverse the effect of sun damage on delicate skin, and rejuvenate tired looking, older skin.

My Experience With Soulflower What-A-Melon Soap:

As the name says What-A-Melon, this soap is exactly a replica of water melon. The soap has 3/4th portion in red color and the remaining 1/4th in green color. It also has sesame seeds which can be seen once you start using the soap. The smell of the soap is pleasant but I cannot say it is same as that of watermelon. Also, some people might not like it much(my friend who tried hated it). Though you keep the soap in a dry place in your bathroom, the entire bathroom keeps smelling for quite a long time. As I am using it in summers, I am really liking it as it is helping me reduce my blemishes and gives a cool feel. However, the tan stays on. The thing I disliked about this soap is the sesame seeds which are really hard for skin. Because of this, I was not able to rub it directly on my skin. This soap does lather well and melts quickly. As suggested by Soulflower, I did cut into two pieces and used it. However, I could manage it for a month only. For the price I kept, I thought it would be great if it lasts a bit longer. This soap does make the skin dry and it definitely needs a moisturizer daily to mend this problem. Overall, I can say that this soap is just fine and you can give it a try once.

Pros Of Soulflower What-A-Melon Soap:
  • Like all the Soulflower soaps, it has vegan ingredients which is good for skin
  • Lathers really well
  • Exact replica of watermelon when it comes to look & smell
  • Removes blemishes on regular usage
  • Reduces the pores
  • Watermelon is good for skin and this soap definitely helps that way
  • Easy to buy if you prefer online shopping

Cons Of Soulflower What-A-Melon Soap:
  • The price is definitely high
  • Black Sesame seeds present in the soap can be quite harsh for the skin
  • Melts quickly
  • The skin looks dried after using, so we would need to use a moisturizer later
  • It is not available in many stores

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Final Note:

You can try this soap if you are a watermelon fan and also because of its vegan properties. If not, you can give it a pass.


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  1. Lovely review Lavanya. Melon soap looks great and also beneficial for everyone.

  2. Quite interesting and very well written Lavanya.. I have used soulflower soap before - the basil one.. Good to know about melon ones :-)

    1. Basil have never checkd this Nilu...will check right away. Hope tht is good :)

  3. Nice Review Lavs :)
    Reduce pores is a very good pros ....Soap colour is very appealing :)


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