Lakme 9 To 5 Insta Light Insta Glow Crème Review

Of all the Lakme products, 9 to 5 range happens to be my favorite. Every product from this range, be it lipstick, eyeshadows or foundation –...

Of all the Lakme products, 9 to 5 range happens to be my favorite. Every product from this range, be it lipstick, eyeshadows or foundation – have a very subtle touch to it. With BB creams and CC creams overpowering the market, there is hardly any brand which comes up with subtle daytime creams. This particular one seems to be one of the daytime creams. The product famously claims to impart certain kind of glow to the skin for dull skin days. Speaking of the skincare range of Lakme, I either loved any product or hated it completely. This crème, however, has certain noticeable claims. So let's find out how much the crème matches up to the claims.

About Lakme 9 To 5 Insta Light Insta Glow Crème:

Bright, even-toned and flawless- these are the humble wishes every girl has for her skin. Simple as it may sound, the pursuit of perfect looking skin can make her go through tedious skincare regimes and days of experimentation with one product after another. Lakmé's all new Lakme 9to5 Insta Light will put an end to her quest for instantly lit-up skin, without any effort! An instant glow crème, Lakmé Insta Light is a revolutionary dual formulation of powder and crème that makes skin appear even-toned and luminous immediately after use.
Lakmé 9to5 Insta Light is a fragrant crème with a unique combination of ingredients like mineralized powders and luminizing pearls that ensure an instant glow on the skin. Crafted especially to suit Indian skin tones, it seamlessly blends like a crème without making your skin sticky and sets like a powder, giving skin a matte look.


79 INR for 20 g

Shelf Life:

24 months

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Take 2 dollops on the tip of your fingers and lightly touch and blend into your skin.

My Experience With Lakme 9 To 5 Insta Light Insta Glow Crème:

Lakme 9 To 5 Insta Light Insta Glow Crème comes in a slender metallic silver colored tube with a screw cap. The mouth of the tube has a slight nozzle to take out the product and control its flow. The tube is extremely light-weight and easily fits into your clutch, sling or handbag. Overall, it is travel-friendly and simple packaging. The first thing I loved about the product is that it smells marvelous. It is a perfect blend of floral and refreshing aroma which easily brightens up your day and gives you an amazing start. The crème is slightly pinkish in color and has a medium consistency.

Contrary to any BB or CC cream, it won't give any kind of coverage for the blemishes but simply brightens up your face with a glow. There is a gleaming effect on the skin for a perfect daytime no-makeup radiance. The girls with absolute clear skin will love the effect. Initially when I applied as per directions, I noticed a layer of faint whitish cast on the skin but eventually it faded away once the skin absorbed the crème. The whitish cast is due to the presence of sunscreen I assume.

Speaking of sunscreen, although they mentioned the presence of sunscreen they didn't provide any kind of power with it. Without knowing that, it would not be wise to skip sunscreen during this summer. The crème acts as a proper base for any makeup as well. It is easily absorbed and settles down with a matte finish and smoothens the pores to a large extent. The matte finish isn't very harsh and so the crème would suit all kinds of skin tones.
The crème keeps my skin oil free for 2+ hours even when I am out in the sun. I have been using the crème for quite some time now, and I hardly noticed any breakouts. So I believe it would suit sensitive skin too. The pricing is pretty well for a regular daily use product and doesn't feel heavy on the pocket.

Pros Of Lakme 9 To 5 Insta Light Insta Glow Crème:
  • Small and simple packaging for traveling.
  • Amazing aroma.
  • Luminous and radiant effect on the skin.
  • Very light and easily absorbed.
  • Acts as a makeup base as well.
  • Gives a balanced matte finish.
  • Has sunscreen.
  • Will suit most of the skin tones.
  • Controls oil for 2+ hours
  • Reasonably priced for daily use.

Cons Of Lakme 9 To 5 Insta Light Insta Glow Crème:
  • Extreme dry skin people won't like the crème.
  • Power of the SPF isn't mentioned.

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Final Note:

This is the first skin care or face product of Lakmé that has worked amazingly well for me. For summers, it has been one amazing daily product on the days I feel like going easy with my skin. I have already exhausted the tube and am planning to buy it again. It is highly recommended for oily skin, especially if you want a natural radiance for your skin.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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