Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream SPF 15 PA++ Review

Greetings to all the pretty ladies! How is everybody doing? Hope the upcoming festive season prepara...

Greetings to all the pretty ladies! How is everybody doing? Hope the upcoming festive season preparations have started. Here in Kolkata, Durga Puja is nearing and all we can see in the markets is people flocking for shopping. It is a grand celebration of 10 days for Bengali people. Coming to today's post, I have been using Ponds White Beauty range face wash and scrub lately. In my second haul, Diva Likes decided to complete the range by sending me the Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream SPF 15 PA++. Day cream is something to be used every day before going out. It is like an added advantage if your day cream contains SPF since you don't have to use sunscreen, until and unless your plan is to stay out in the sun for the whole day. When I received Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream SPF 15 PA++ in the haul, I was very happy because I don't use foundation. In that case, a day cream is a staple for me. Moreover it came with an added advantage of SPF 15. Let's us move ahead with the review and know more about it.

About Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream SPF 15 PA++:

After years of extensive research on more than 20000 gene codes, Ponds Institute made the breakthrough discovery of a specific gene that determines skin color and created the GenWhite formula.
This nourishing non oily light day cream with the new cutting edge white beauty GenWhite formula SPF 15 PA++ works deeply to reduce dark melanin production. To lighten, brighten and fade dark spots, while providing instant radiance. Discover spot-less fair skin like never before.


69 INR for 25 g

Shelf Life:

24 months.

Ingredients List:

Water, palmitic acid and stearic acid, ethylhexyl methoxy cinnamate, laureth 23, niacinamide, butylmethoxydibenzoyl methane, cetearyl ethylhexanoate, glycerin, titanium dioxide & aluminum hydroxide & stearic acid, potassium hydroxide, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, phenoxyethanol, perfume, ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate/ beheneth-25 methacrylate cross polymer, titanium dioxide & dimethicone, acrylates/steareth-20 methacrylate copolymer, methyl paraben, tocopheryl acetate, allantoin, propyl paraben, hydroxyl stearic acid, disodium edta, isopropyl myristate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, bht,cl 14700.

Directions For Use:

Apply the cream evenly on cleansed face and neck. Use the cream everyday for best results.

My Experience With Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream SPF 15 PA++:

The cream comes in a cute little pastel pink tub with baby pink colored lid. The tub is enclosed inside a pink carton box. The carton looks big but the tub inside is very tiny. The lid is tight and the tub is quite sturdy. What I don't like about the packaging is that, every time I take out the cream, the cream gets into my nails. I prefer tube packaging over tubs as it ensures hygiene. 
The cream is baby pink in color. It has a very smooth and foamy texture. The fragrance is exactly like Ponds White Beauty face washes. The foamy texture makes the cream little dry to use. If you happen to use it on a dry face, the blending process can take a little time and improper blending can lead to flaky and patchy appearance. I blend it on a slightly wet face. Once applied it leaves a brighter and matte effect. My skin is pretty oily and the matte effect it gives looks nice. The face looks whiter and even toned once applied. But that effect is not permanent. After few hours, the matte effect is gone but the brightness still remains.

Coming to its claims of spot-less fairness, I don't agree with it. I have been using it regularly but there is no spot lightening result as of yet. You don't have to use an additional sunscreen but if this cream is not blended well, it can leave a whitish cast. Overall it's a good day cream with an added advantage of SPF 15. 

Pros Of Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream SPF 15 PA++:
  • Gives a matte effect.
  • Leaves skin tone even and brighter.
  • Comes with SPF 15.
  • Ideal for oily skin as the cream is dry in texture.
  • Works well as a daily day cream.

Cons Of Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream SPF 15 PA++:
  • Leaves a whitish cast if not blended well.
  • The matte effect is temporary and the spot lightening claim is not true.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I would conclude that this cream is a nice option for everyday use, specially if you are not into foundations and make up. It gives a brightened effect and leaves a matte finish on the skin. It has an SPF 15 which we all want in a day cream. The only con I find is that it needs to be blended well to be absorbed by the skin and the spot less claim is not true completely. It is just a good day cream for everyday use.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. I just realised after this review that most of the Ponds White Beauty range is reviewed by you :)

  2. Thats true Lavs I have most of the products from this range:)

  3. hmmm... sounds decent! I don't use a day cream usually.

  4. I use this cream everyday and I found it very useful as I have oily skin. I am not a foundation person so this cream works just fine for 9 - 5 office ppl like us. Can anyone here can recommend if this cream is sold in Virginia, USA. I will be moving there shortly and it wont be able to carry more than 2 - 3 with me. Please suggest.....

    1. You do get many variants of Ponds in USA as well. You can try it online or in stores like Walgreen, Walmart, CVS, Target etc. where you will find a bunch of options.


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