The Complete Guide To Applying Eye Makeup Like A Pro

This is one post I have been trying to write for several months now. Although I try to cover up certain points in my eye makeup tutorials,...

This is one post I have been trying to write for several months now. Although I try to cover up certain points in my eye makeup tutorials, somewhere I felt a complete post is required to cover up all the necessary details. From eye makeup base to the brows, I tried to bring in every possible topic and described the details to help you all. Let's begin!

Eye Makeup Base

If you want your makeup to last through the whole day, make sure you use a nice eye makeup base for the same. There are different brands like MAC, Inglot, NYX, Essence, Coastal Scents etc. that provide a good base(or eye primer) for eye makeup. You can also mix BB or CC cream and concealer of your choice and use as a base followed by a light translucent/compact powder to set it properly. If you have oily lids, this one is a must.


When it comes to eye concealer, it is extremely difficult to find one. Generally speaking, you don't need a concealer if you don't have dark circles or other blemishes at all. Whatever concealers I have come across give light coverage or gives a whitish cast while providing heavy coverage and that defeats the whole purpose of exposure. The ideal solution is to use a color corrector. Identify your undertone (orange, yellow or blue) and invest in a good corrector. After that, apply a concealer of your choice and set it with powder.


The basic rule for every eyeshadow is that you have to blend the color. It doesn't matter if you are applying one or more colors, you have to make sure to blend the color to soften any harsh lines. Eyeshadows come in various forms as well. One of the common ones is the powder eyeshadows. From single pans to palettes, they are easier to use and carry around for application and quick touches. Eyeshadows can be of matte, satin, pearly, shimmery or glittery finish. The other kinds of eyeshadows include cream eyeshadows which are creamy in nature and can be easily blended with tapping and small strokes of your fingers. Secondly, there are baked eyeshadows which can be used as both dry and wet. As a wet eyeshadow, there is a high chance of dark pigmentation.
For a basic eye makeup look or for the purpose of creating any kind of eye makeup we generally follow this basic eye shadow 101.
Dark Color - The basic color is used as a base on the eyelid only and not exceeding the crease area. For a deep look or smoky eyes, we also use the color below the lower lash line and smudge it with the kohl or eyeliner.
Light Matte/Satin Color – This is the most important color for blending purpose which gives the eye makeup a soft, neat and complete look. The color is mainly used between the brow bone and crease. This is also known as the transition color.
Shimmery Beige/Pearl Color – This is a basic highlighting color for the brow bone. Highlighting the brow bone gives you a lift to the eyes and enhances the overall look.

Eye Makeup Brushes

There are various kinds of eye makeup brushes available in the market. Let's look at the details for every eye brush shape and the purpose it is used for.
Flat Shader/Flat Applicator – This eye brush has the basic use of patting or packing the eyeshadow on the eyelids. You can also use your fingertips for patting the eyeshadow.
Pencil Brush – A pencil shaped brush, mainly petite, is used for smudging colors on the upper and lower lash line and also for applying highlighter near the inner corner or tear-duct area. They can also be used for outer 'V'.
Blending Brush – This is a fluffy brush for blending eye colors on the crease. This the basic brush for both beginners and professionals.
Flat-Angled Brush – The main usage is to fill the brows. It is also great for applying gel liners and applying colors on the crease.
Fluffy Angled Brush – This is another blending brush for outer corners and brow bone to crease the transition area.

Eye Liner

Today the market is flooded with various types of eyeliners for every purpose and occasion. Let's see the options we are provided with.
Liquid eyeliners are the good old liners we have since forever and it can be applied with a thin brush for precise application. The drawback is, most of them are not waterproof.
Pencil eyeliner is pretty easy to apply and control the lines. Sometimes they are available in pretty vibrant colors for eye makeup purposes. The only drawback is you have to sharpen the pencil to get a neat look.
Gel eyeliners have been quite a craze and almost every brand has come up with their own version. The brush helps to manage the intensity and pigmentation which are great for makeup.
Pen eyeliners are great for winged and cat eyes. If you are in a hurry to apply eyeliner, this is the best option you can have!

Kajal or Kohl

This is something we can't possibly think of going out without applying to the eyes. In fact, this one is a miracle for those tired, sleep deprived or weary eyes. Kajal comes in various colors like blue, brown, gray, green and so on. This color palette also applies to eyeliner and eyeshadows.
Brown and black eye colored people are naturally blessed and they can use any colored eyeliners. They would do great in all.
People with green/hazel eyes should opt for colors like purple, deep taupe, soft brown or dark blue and avoid light teal, turquoise or green.
For blue eyes, one should avoid blue and go for black, taupe, gray, purple, terra-cotta champagne and violet.


I had decent semi-thick eyebrows with few minor gaps here and there. Nevertheless, for my eye tutorials I started using brow fillers and it actually changed my whole perspective of neat brows. No, filling eyebrows is not going to make you look ghastly but will give your eye makeup an immaculate touch. Closely look at your eyebrows and see the color of the hair. If they look pitch black and fairly dense choose a semi-dark brown color and if they are sparse, use a medium brown. Keep in my mind your skin color as well. The lighter your skin tone, the softer the brow color should be to make it look natural as far as possible.


Always curl your lashes before applying mascara to get a clean and nice look. There are some basic rules I have learned in all these years which helps me control the wand and apply it without any mess with the eye makeup.
To apply mascara on your upper lashes, lift your face up and look down to coat the upper lashes. To apply mascara on lower lashes, pull your face down and look up to coat the lower lashes.
Always apply mascara in a zig-zag motion from down to up. In this way, it separates the lashes on its own. If you want to apply 2-3 coats of mascara, wait for the previous layer to dry or else it will look clumpy. Comb the lashes in a semi-wet state and swipe a tissue to remove the excess.
For falsies, a single coat of mascara is enough. Always apply falsies with a tweezer closer to lash line to achieve a natural look.

This is the basic complete guide for the eye makeup. Hopefully I have covered all the aspects of eye makeup. Do let me know your views in the comments section below!

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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