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It's not too long, when these lehenga sarees or half sarees , start to gain popularity as an alternative for traditional sarees and lehe...

It's not too long, when these lehenga sarees or half sarees, start to gain popularity as an alternative for traditional sarees and lehengas. Now, you will be seeing women wearing them instead of going for the traditional ones. Even brides wear them, instead of the traditional lehengas. Those who are confused about selecting an Indian saree or a lehenga can opt this half saree, which is a hybrid option.

History Of Half Saree:

Now, here is something which you must be interested in knowing about half sarees. This is a traditional wear for south Indian people, and mostly, girls at the age of puberty to the time they get married, wear this outfit. Young girls wear half sarees at some special occasions only. For them, these half sarees represent a transition phase of a girl from childhood to mature, adult women. Hence, it is made up of a skirt, blouse and also has an appearance of saree. Both those pieces are bright in colors and contrasting to each other.

How To Tie A Half Saree:

Half sarees represents a similar look of a southern style of saree as its drape travels in the same direction and is tucked in the front side of the skirt and then was wrapped around your waist, draping over the opposite side of your shoulder. Since it doesn't require any manual pleats; you only need to drape it once around you and you are done. It gives you full freedom of moving around without feeling any sort of restriction of the cloth.

The Old & The New:

That was the old traditional look of half sarees we talked about till now! But today, people are more influenced by the western culture and using western clothes and salwar kameez for daily wear. Hence, these half sarees are not used for special occasions alone. Though they were introduced first as the simplest outfit to wear, they are now considered as the most fashionable attire, available with embroidery mirror or zari work and in different colors like black, grey, green, red etc. and are available in different fabrics like silk, cotton, chiffon, crepe, nylon, georgette etc.

Advantages Of Wearing Half Saree:
  • You don't have to make pleats in it like you use to do while wearing an Indian saree.
  • Easy to wear, just tuck and drape it around you and you are ready to go.
  • Those who are not comfortable wearing either a lehenga or saree, half saree is the best option.
  • You can also wear mix and match contrasting dupatta's with half saree.
  • You can experiment with half sarees which you can't do while wearing the traditional Indian sarees.
  • You can wear all the three pieces of your half sarees, in contrasting colors, for example, selecting red bottom, yellow dupatta, and green color top.
  • Wearing matching lehenga and dupatta will also look like a half saree.

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