10 Beauty Myths Every Woman Should Know

There are various beauty myths which we are absolutely clueless about. Some have originated through marketing gimmicks, some with the age ol...

There are various beauty myths which we are absolutely clueless about. Some have originated through marketing gimmicks, some with the age old phenomena and some due to the lack of knowledge regarding a particular concern. Even though a particular product claims to perform some magical function, you must know the scientific facts behind the problem. We have many do's & don'ts regarding skin care and there are a number of scientific reasons behind them. So let's check out the beauty myths women assume as well as the facts behind them.

1. Increase In SPF Will Give Your Skin A Better Protection

Sunscreen is an indispensable product amongst all the skin care products. It doesn't matter if you have applied kohl or BB cream or any other thing, you must apply sunscreen before stepping out during the day. There are three kinds of ultraviolet rays, namely - UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA rays penetrate into the skin which causes tanning. UVB rays are the primary sunburn rays while UVC rays are absorbed by the atmosphere and don't reach the surface of the earth. Many sunscreens offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays. There's no such logic that SPF 50 is way better than SPF 30 when it comes to protecting your skin from harmful rays. The former will block approximately 95% while the latter will block 97% of the UVB rays. Often, brands put up a heavy price tag for the higher SPF but that it is a pure marketing gimmick. Considering the climate of India, SPF 30 is enough for the protection and it should be applied every 2 hours.

2. Expensive Cosmetics Work Better

There goes a saying, "Never judge a book by its cover". What is the use of an expensive toner loaded with chemicals that you just brought paying a huge amount which lead to skin breakout? On the other hand, simple rose water served you with a better result. Well, we love the exquisite packaging and expensive products but there's absolutely no guarantee that expensive ones are better than cost effective ones. It is necessary to look at the ingredients while buying the products and if you feel that it serves you well, just go for it.

3. Makeup/Cosmetics Will Damage Your Skin

This myth is an absolute nonsense. All of us are born with different skin tones and characteristics and a particular product might not suit everyone at large. Applying makeup is never going to harm your skin but not removing it is clearly going to cause some serious troubles. People often make the mistake of taking small naps with their makeup on, which is again a mistake. Take off every trace of makeup before sleeping so that the skin can breathe and relax.

4. Regular Shampooing Is Good For Hair

Our scalp gives us certain natural oils which nourish the hair apart from the essential oils we use for oiling our hair. Regular or frequent shampooing strips the natural oils from the hair leaving it dry and lifeless. It is true that you should keep the hair and scalp clean, but regular shampooing isn't the solution. Dermatologists suggest that twice a week is alright but not more than that.

5. Regular Facials & Scrubbing Improves The Look Of Your Skin

Facial sessions give a certain glow to our face for some time but in reality there are actually no long-term benefits. The massage during facials regulates the blood circulations and relaxation. Contrary to the popular belief, facial can cause breakouts in 75% of the cases. This holds good with scrubbing as well. Post-scrubbing, the skin feels soft and rejuvenated, but regular scrubbing can cause face breakouts. This is because scrubbing deprives the natural oils which our skin secretes. Therefore, facials and scrubbing must not be done frequently.

6. Using Anti-Aging Cream Will Not Cause Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a natural phenomena which come along with age. Wrinkles mostly occur due to excessive exposure to sun rays without protection and the breakdown of the internal structure of the skin. After the age 30, women go through hormonal changes due to childbirth, menopause, etc. which takes a toll on the skin. The retinoid, glycolic acid, vitamin C and other ingredients merely help the cell turnover, but that again is only for some time. Therefore, you can very well use anti-aging creams but don't expect a miracle out of it.

7. Natural Ingredients Will Not Harm Skin At All

Nature has endowed us with various boons as well as certain poisonous substances. You can't simply apply ingredients directly to your skin just because it is naturally found. Natural ingredients have higher concentration of chemicals, for example, lemon has high pH which can affect your skin and cause irritation. Therefore, make sure what you apply on the skin directly.

8. Trimming Hair Will Help In Faster Hair Growth

This again is absolutely wrong. Our hair grows from roots, not from the tips. Regular trimming simply helps the hair to remain healthy and free from split ends along with the shape of your hairstyle. It doesn't matter if you prefer a haircut once in a year while maintaining a good and healthy hair from the root to the tips without any damage.

9. Fairness Creams Make You Fair

Indian society is obsessed with the idea of fair skin. Almighty has provided each and every woman with a beauty of their own irrespective of skin color. As long as their skin looks healthy and spot free, every skin color has its own beauty. You can't turn fair using fairness creams, no matter what it claims! On the other hand, using proper sunscreens and regular skin care routine can work wonders for your skin.

10. Split Ends Can Be Mended

When the tip of a single strand of hair splits into two halves, we call it the split ends. Now, split ends mostly occur due to dry tips and under-nourished hair. The various products which claim to cure the split ends are nothing but marketing strategy. The products merely provide moisturization which further prevents split ends only on the strands which are unaffected. Once there's a split end, you just have only one option i.e. trimming. Try to keep your hair healthy and nourished to avoid this problem.

We hope the knowledge of these beauty myths helps you in the time to come. Do let us know your views!

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. All of these myths are so true....we don't even realize it and keep assuming.

  2. I totally believe in point 8. I have not got a trim since last 2 years or so and my hair has grown from my shoulder to my waist!


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