10 Reasons To Travel Alone At Least Once

Travelling is a wonderful hobby one can take up to explore the unknown corners of this beautiful planet. But more than that, travelling allo...

Travelling is a wonderful hobby one can take up to explore the unknown corners of this beautiful planet. But more than that, travelling allows you to grow as a human being and connect with people who are different from you with respect to culture, creed, civilization and so many other things. And even more important than that, is the fact that travelling is a great source of introspection, especially if you are on a solo journey. Going out all alone; does it scare you? Are you already reeling under the pressure of the thought? Are you feeling nervous to take that leap of faith and venture out alone into the unknown? Well, worry no more. Yes, there are certain aspects that need to be taken care of when travelling alone, and that we have discussed it here. Today, I will give you ten absolutely tempting reasons for travelling alone at least once in your lifetime.

1. Make Friends For Real

With the advent of social networking, making virtual friends has become the order of the day. Check your Facebook friends list for instance, and you will find at least a dozen people that you have never met in your life. Discover the true essence of friendship on a solo trip to a land unknown. Meet people and share your life stories and experiences. The invisible bond of friendship is bound to develop and grow stronger with time.

2. Acquire A New-Found Confidence

If you are sick of hearing that you are a delicate bud and need to be taken care of by someone, it's time to break the rule. Surprise, or even shock the people who think that you do not have it to rock the world on your own. Pack your bags and venture out to prove them wrong and in each step of your journey, be refreshed with a new burst of confidence that no one can take away from you.

3. Learn The Art Of Managing Multiple Things

When you travel alone, there are tons of things that you need to keep in mind. Your tickets, your documents, your time, the schedules, the bookings, the budget, and so on. Initially it may seem like a Himalayan task to keep a track of all things, but within a day or two you would become a pro at managing tons of things simultaneously and efficiently.

4. Do Things As You Wish

This is one of the most rewarding aspects of a solo trip. You don't have to accommodate others wishes and sacrifice yours. You are your own master and you are allowed to do whatever your heart calls for, whenever you want. Feeling lazy and don't want to leave your room for the day? Done! Want to hike around the city with half an hour breaks? Done. Want to sit at a super posh restaurant and just order a coffee? Done. Want to explore all things water like Globo Surf? Done. You get the idea, right?

5. Bring Out Your Strength

It takes immense mental as well as physical strength to embark on a journey all by yourself; carry your own stuff, manage your travel, and most importantly, manage yourself. You will often come across testing times, when you will have to exhibit how strong you are; without no one else to support or help you, you have to rise to the occasion and sort the troubles yourself. And once you do it, you will truly come to terms with the power you have within.

6. Broadens Your Horizon

During solo travel, your thought process is not influenced by familiar notions. You are free to interpret the sights and experiences as you like. A desolate desert expanse can provide you with new hopes while a quaint little pub can surprise you with an enlightening encounter. In fact, the chances of experiencing some truly novel is much higher when you are all by yourself; your senses are more receptive to the going on of your surroundings.

7. You Are Braver Than You Think

First of all, the myths around the dangers of solo travel are overrated. Most places are in awe of a woman travelling alone. And you, exuding your new found confidence will be respected for your fearlessness. And on the rare occasion, when some trouble shows up, as a solo traveller you will deal with it better than if you know there is someone to get your back. Take one solo trip and you will realize that you are braver than you ever gave yourself credit for.

8. You Will Take Back Something Truly Valuable

The experiences, the friendships, the scenes, the cacophony of varied cultures, leave an indelible impression on your mind. These are memories that will remain with you forever, just the way you want them to be. No one else could take it away or even influence the way you preserve it in your memory bank of wonderful things.

9. It's An Addiction

You travel once all alone, and like a mood enhancing drug, the rush of it will get you addicted. You will want to backpack and set your wings in motion all over again to another exotic, distant land.

10. Your Path To Rediscovery

Solo travelling provides you with the scope for introspection. You tend to look at life differently and realize that you are not really what others have stereotypes you as. You realize your self-worth, and your calling becomes clearer. You gain clarity on the people and priorities of your life. You come back a more positive, and vibrant person, who has seen the good, bad, and ugly side of life and dealt with each facet alone. You stint as a solo traveller with leave you more knowledgeable and enlightened.

Are you ready to embark your journey as a solo traveller for at least once? Try it and you shall never regret!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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