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"Sheer", now there's a word that can put people on edge. After all, it is not exactly easy to make the jump to those floaty, s...

"Sheer", now there's a word that can put people on edge. After all, it is not exactly easy to make the jump to those floaty, see-through materials. Especially not, when wearing sheer can be such a gamble. One that sometimes turns out well, and sometimes not so well. That goes double for bras. Even guides to wearing multiple layers of sheer skip over the possibility of sheer undergarments, instead advising the use of bandeaus or similar clothings to serve as "layering foundation". For the most part, the sheer bra and panties are largely left in the drawer which is actually a bit of a shame. They still have a poor reputation. Many people think that sheer bras are off limits to all but the firmest-busted of wearers. Which, again, is a bit of a shame. Sheer bras have their place in a wardrobe, and plenty of women can benefit from learning more about them.

Who Can Wear Sheer Bras?

While they might be a little intimidating, most women can actually pull off wearing a sheer bra. First, they're more than just lingerie – at least some are. True, many are strictly meant for private occasions, but plenty of sheer bras are well-designed and meant for everyday wear.

A good sheer bra (they're available in underwire or soft cup options) provides excellent bust support while also giving avoiding the caged-in feeling common to other options. The loose material used in sheer bras is, of course, breathable and overall very comfortable, especially in warmer weather.

Many women even use them as a go-to comfort option. Lightweight and flexible, it's possible to forget that you're even wearing one.

But even so, some people might have some reservations about wearing one. Women with larger or darker areolas might find them just a little too revealing, though that's a problem that can be remedied by wearing a thicker shirt. Women with larger or less firm breasts can still benefit from using sheer. The relative freedom they provide can actually make them a comfortable alternative!

How to Wear Sheer Bras

No matter how much we like them, we still can't ignore the obvious drawbacks of wearing sheer undergarments. Pair them up with the wrong outfit, and you're in danger of showing a little more than you might have wanted.

Choosing the right color bra can also help. Sheer bras are available in just about any color you could wish. When picking one, you have a couple of factors to consider. Darker tones such as the ever popular black or red, are a little less see-through than lighter colors. However, they also show through light-colored shirts and can limit your outfit choices. Nude and skin tone colors require slightly thicker shirts, but they will be all but invisible beneath most tops.

Something else to think about sheer bras is they very rarely provide much in the way of cleavage, simply because of the material they're made from.

Finally, as you might be able to guess, they are not really your best pick if you are on the hunt for a sports bra. Freedom and movement are all very well if you're just walking around, but you don't necessarily want those qualities when you're out for a run!

Learn To Love Sheer

So don't be afraid of sheer! No matter what your body type is, dealing with the sheer is more of a challenge to your wardrobe than it is to your figure. Besides, you can't help but feel a little more confident while rocking a sheer bra.

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