Glam-it! 'Nailed' Nail Decals Review

The month of love has started and we can see everywhere mushy cute gifts and chocolates. Valentine's day is just a couple of days to go ...

The month of love has started and we can see everywhere mushy cute gifts and chocolates. Valentine's day is just a couple of days to go and everyone is planning to look their best. Apart from dresses and makeup, we cannot ignore our nails. Today I have something to review for people who want an instant makeover of their nails, but don't have a steady hand in nail art. I am going to review Glam-it! 'Nailed' Nail Decals today. Nail decals and stickers are something which are ready to use and glamorize the nails. They are available in different forms like 3D and stickers. Long back, I had received a free nail art sticker set in one of my online purchases but at that time I was not so interested in nail art. So that went in vain. But when Diva Likes sent me Glam-it! 'Nailed' Nail Decals, I wanted to try it for sure. Take a look at the review to know more about this quick and easy Valentine's day nail art.

About Glam-it! 'Nailed' Nail Decals:

Decorate your nails with these pretty nail stickers; the quickest and easiest way to add fun nail art to your nails.


333.50 INR


Directions For Use:

Slowly peel off the sticker from the plastic sheet, using finger or tweezers. Apply the sticker on a clean surface and press down. Apply to clean nails or nail polish, finish by applying the top coat.

My Experience With Glam-it! 'Nailed' Nail Decals:

The nail art decals come in a small and simple plastic packaging. The stickers are inside the plastic sheet. The stickers are lined up with the plastic sheet. There are three types of sticker altogether - diamonds, hearts, and glam. Diamond stickers are in 2 varieties - one is light pink and the other in dark pink. Hearts are in 3 colors and 2 sizes - white, dark pink and light pink. Glam is in 3 varieties same as hearts, dark pink, white and light pink. The stickers are very small. If you don't use a tweezer, it becomes very difficult to remove them from the sheet and place them where you want. I tried to use my finger to take it out but lost so many of them here and there. Also, the stickers are so small and light in color that they are hardly visible on the nails. I find doing a nail art much easier and faster than using these stickers. But it's good for those who don't have a steady hand at nail art but still want to flaunt cute nails.

For the easy Valentine's day nail art using these nail decals, check out these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Take any nail polish of your choice preferably in the shade of pink and paint a French tip on all the nails.

Step 2: Now start placing your stickers one by one in contrasting the color diagonally over the French tip. Depending on your wish, you can use any design anywhere. I have used diamonds for the mid finger and hearts for the rest. Slowly press each sticker so that they get stuck properly over the nail.

Step 3: Apply your top coat and you are done!

Pros Of Glam-it! 'Nailed' Nail Decals:
  • Ready to use stickers for nail art beginners.
  • Cute nail art designs with varieties to choose from.
  • Customizable as anyone can use it as per their wish.

Cons Of Glam-it! 'Nailed' Nail Decals:
  • The stickers are very small hence applying them with fingers and placing them where you want becomes a tough task.
  • The colors of the stickers are very light. They are hardly visible on the nails.
  • Too pricey for a set of stickers.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

Glam-it! 'Nailed' Nail Decals is an easy and quick way to flaunt nail art for people who are not so confident about doing nail art designs. There are varieties of designs to choose from as well. But on the negative side, I find the size of the stickers to be very small. The price is high too. I would skip purchasing this in future as I am more comfortable in doing nail designs. But people who want a quick and easy way to flaunt nail art can give it a try.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. I think these look good with a colored nail polish. I find them cute though :)

  2. Yeah they are cute but too small so application becomes tough.


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