Santa Hat Nail Art Tutorial

Greetings beautiful people! Hope everybody is doing awesome. The recent Google Online Shopping Festi...

Greetings beautiful people! Hope everybody is doing awesome. The recent Google Online Shopping Festival or better known as GOSF has taken the world by storm. Shopaholics like me must have had a great time shopping favorite stuff at unbelievable prices. Though the sale is over, some of the sites are still offering some great deals. Those who missed this year can check out the next year for some crazy deals. Today, I have one more nail art tutorial which is perfectly apt for the upcoming Christmas. I am talking about the Santa hat nail art. Christmas is incomplete without Santa and Santa is incomplete without his cute little hat. So, let's make cute hats of Santa now!

Things Needed:
  • 5 nail polishes of your choice of colors.
  • White nail polish.
  • Thin nail art brush.
  • Top coat.


Start by applying nail polishes of different colors on different nails in a triangular pattern. Apply two coats and let it dry.

Now take the white polish in the nail art brush and make uneven curved zig-zag patterns at the base of the nail. You need not be perfect at this.

Now using the same brush make a round pattern just like a blob of ice cream on the top most tip of the triangle.

Once everything dries, just apply your top coat.

And your Santa hat nails are done.

Don't you find it super easy to do this nail art? Santa hat is generally red in color but I have used different colors to break the monotony and make it all the way cuter. I hope you all liked this nail art!

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. Loving this christmas nail art series Divya. Keep up the good work dear :)

  2. Easy and fabulous nail art for christmas eve. Thanks Divya.........


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