Cute Bow Nail Art Tutorial

I am back with a nail art tutorial yet again. Tell me who doesn't like bows? I am sure most of u...

I am back with a nail art tutorial yet again. Tell me who doesn't like bows? I am sure most of us do. Bows look so girly and adorable. I love bows on my hair clips and shoes. They just amp up the cuteness factor. So how about having little bows painted on your nails? I had seen some varieties of bow nail art on Pinterest and thought of trying them. I am going to show you one such tutorial which I tried and succeeded. Cute Bow Nail Art is easy and looks super cute and adorable. This nail art looks tough but once you get a steady hand over it, it is quick to create. Read on further to know how to do it.

Things Needed:
  • A base color of your choice(preferably light colors like nude, grey or white).
  • A color for making the bow(preferably dark).
  • Black nail paint for highlighting.
  • A top coat.
  • A tooth pick, dotting tool or a nail art brush if you have any.


Start off by applying the base color. Let the base color dry completely or else it will mess up the bows.

Once the base coat has dried, make a criss-cross line(X) at the tip of your nail. The size of it depends completely on you.

Join the two criss-cross lines from end to end in a parallel manner as shown. Fill in the interiors of the bow carefully without messing.

Take the black nail paint and start outlining the bow. Also make a dot at the centre.

Once it dries, apply your top coat. And here it is, the cute bow nail art.

Doesn't it look pretty and cute? You can add polka dots to fill the empty space on the upper part of the nails. I prefer leaving it blank and hence didn't add any. You can use any color of your choice for this nail art. Even glitter paints will look more chic. If you have rhinestones, you can put it up at the centre of the bow to increase the bling factor.
I hope you guys liked this cute nail art design. Do try it and stand out in the crowd. I will be back with a new nail art design very soon. Till then, add that cute look to your nails by adding the bows.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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