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There is a famous saying by St.Augustine "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page". Man by nature is a ...

There is a famous saying by St.Augustine "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page". Man by nature is a mobile being. From time immemorial, man has travelled far and wide to know the unknown and see the unseen. This curious nature of man has compelled him to see even the farthest of the Earth. If you are an Indian, the possibilities for travelling are endless. Some of us think of enjoying our holidays abroad in the costliest places. India which is a hidden treasure of culture and diversity is neglected by many for some reason or the other. There is a lot to explore in India itself and here I am talking about my city today.
I am from Kolkata, the city of joy. It is a beautiful city with rich cultural heritage and happiness. Kolkata, earlier known as Calcutta, is located in the Eastern part of India along the banks of Hooghly River. Kolkata was the capital of the British Empire until 1911. Owing to its rich cultural heritage infused with European philosophies and Indian tradition, it has imparted names like "The City of Joy", "The City of Palaces", "Cultural Capital of India" and "The City of Processions". Kolkata is well known for its literary, artistic and revolutionary heritage. It has many beautiful places to visit like museums, parks, palaces, religious places, malls and lush gardens. If you come to Kolkata, you cannot afford to miss the mouthwatering cuisine. From a wide variety of fish dishes to delicious sweets like Rasgulla, the delicacies are never ending. So if you are planning to visit Kolkata anytime, do take a look at this post and I am sure you would want to visit the city at the earliest. Here I present to you the top 10 places to visit in Kolkata and the other important tourist attractions in the city.

1) Indian Museum:

Indian Museum is the largest multipurpose museum not only in India but also in the Asia Pacific region. It has collection of antiques, armor and ornaments, fossils, mummies, skeletons, Mughal paintings and archeological excavations. It occupies an enormous mansion and exhibits an Egyptian Mummy, Buddhist Stupa from Bharhut, Asoka pillar amongst numerous other exhibits. Once stepped inside the museum, you feel like you have entered the world of history and kind of get into the pre-historic period. The museum remains open every day except on Mondays from 10 AM to 5 PM. The entry fee is 10 INR per person for Indians and 150 INR per person for foreigners.

2) Victoria Memorial:

Victoria Memorial is a tall marble museum and is very famous in Kolkata. Once you enter the palace, it will take you into the past era. Victoria Memorial is said to be the Taj Mahal of Kolkata. It has photos and picture gallery of some renowned personalities who have contributed to the glory of India. The royal gallery hosts the monuments of royal people including Queen Victoria on whose name this palace was built. The building is surrounded by lush gardens for taking stroll and ideal for family outings. Hundreds of tourists flock the place every day to catch a glimpse of this epic monument.

3) Dakshineshwar Kali Temple:

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple is located on the banks of the river Hooghly. The presiding deity of the temple is Bhavatarini, an aspect of Goddess Kali. The temple surrounds twelve shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva - Kali's companion. Along the river front, there is a Radha Krishna temple. The garbha griha houses an idol of Goddess Kali standing on the chest of Lord Shiva. These two idols are placed on a thousand petaled lotus made of silver.

4) Indian Botanic Garden:

This is the oldest botanics in India. It is a storehouse of over 50,000 species of plants in one of the world's most historically relevant herbariu. It is famous for its 250 year old 98 foot tall banyan tree whose roots have even come out of a cemented floor. For people who are avid nature lovers, this is one place which cannot be missed. You can pass your time viewing the various species of plants or just enjoy sitting on the lap of nature experiencing the panoramic view.

5) Eden Gardens:

This is the only 1,00,000 seater amphitheatres for cricket after the Melbourne Cricket Grounds in the world. It was looked after by the Eden sisters of the Auckland family. It was built in 1871 and since then has hosted international test matches, one day international matches and 20-20's including the World Cup finals of 1987.

6) Alipore Zoological Gardens:

Alipore Zoological Gardens consists of hoards of species of animals. It stands on a vast area and is one of the oldest and largest zoos in India. One can see vast variety of animals ranging from tigers, elephants, lions, monkeys and the rare species of migrating birds from around the world. It is definitely a favorite place for the kids. They can enjoy here whole day amongst the vast flora and fauna.

7) New Market:

New market also known as Hogg's market is Kolkata's oldest and most famous market. It was built in the year 1874. It has almost 2000 stalls and plenty of options to choose from. Be it ethnic wear to western wear to footwear to bags, it has it all. Outside the market, there is a long pavement filled with vendors selling handbags, artificial jewellery and footwear as cheap as 70 bucks. Besides this, some brand stores are also located here. There are plenty of food stalls selling south Indian food, north Indian food as well as Chinese food. The market is open all days of the week except Sunday.

8) Nicco Park:

Nicco Park is one of the biggest amusement park with a green environmet. It houses as many as 33 rides. The rides include Water Chute, Twist and Turn, Cyclone, Flying Saucer, The River cave and many others. The park has two categories. One being the dry park and the other Wet-O-Wild. The park gives heavy discounts to student groups as it a favorite spot for school picnics. For kids, Nicco Park is like the Disneyland of Kolkata. It also has an in-house food park that offers some lip smacking foods including Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines.

9) Aquatica:

Aquatica is a water theme park in Kolkata. The park provides visitors relief from the heat of the Kolkata. Aquatica features great rides and artificial pools for visitors to wade and swim. The main attraction of Aquatica is the Aqua Wave Pool because of its changing waves. Around the pool, there are rides specially meant for kids. Tube slides and body slides are all available on hire. There is a discotheque named Aqua Dance where fountains keep springing from the dance floor. Fashion shows and Dandia parties during Navratri are hosted in Aquatica. Within the park there is a cafe which serves pure vegetarian food.

10) Science City:

Science City located in the eastern part of Kolkata is a great place for kids and adults to enjoy and gain some educational knowledge at the same time. It is a showcase of scientific applications. This is the first and only institution of its kind in India. There are different sections like Space Odyssey, Dynamotion, Life Science Corners, Science Park, Toy Train and Ropeway. The main attraction of Science City is the Space Theatre - a circular auditorium with a dome-shaped ceiling. It is the best place for people who are interested in knowing science and for growing kids who are inquisitive in nature.

Apart from these places there are many other places in Kolkata to visit. If you have time, you can visit Belur Math, Nakhoda Mosque, Thanthania Kalibari, Howrah bridge, Shaheed Minar, Writer's Building, Asiatic Society, Rabindra Bharti Museum, Agri Horticulture Garden, Millennium Park, Eco-Tourism Park, St.Paul's Cathedral, Swabhumi, Nalban Boating Complex, Clown Town, Rabindra Sarovar Lake, Marble Palace, Birla Planetarium, Kalighat Temple etc. Apart from tourist places, the best time to visit Kolkata is during October-November when there is Durga Puja celebrations for 10 days. You can see vast pandals of Goddess Durga and giant idols. Once you come here you will feel at home. The beauty and culture of Kolkata will make you fall in love with this place. So when are you planning your trip to Kolkatta? Visit soon!

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Contributed By: Divya Singh


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