Christmas Snowman Nail Art Tutorial

It's December and with it comes Christmas time. This is the most awaited festival in the west. In India also we celebrate Christmas and ...

It's December and with it comes Christmas time. This is the most awaited festival in the west. In India also we celebrate Christmas and visit church on that day. I love visiting church once in a while. The serenity and calmness of the environment soothes the whole mind and soul. I have a church near my place which distributes yummy cakes and sweets on Christmas. When I was a kid, I never missed a single Christmas there. Diva Likes always comes up with nail art series during special occasions. I had mentioned in my previous post that this Christmas I will be doing a special nail art series. So proceeding with the same, I have the first tutorial in the series, which is the snowman nail art tutorial. Snowman is generally a figurine made with snow depicting the onset of Christmas. In places where there is heavy snowfall during winters, people (specially children) love making snowmen out of snow. People love dressing their snowman with clothes, specially hats and mufflers. It is a very adorable theme for Christmas decoration. In India, we cannot enjoy making snowman because there is hardly any snowfall here. But we can make cute little snowman on our nails with the nail art I have today.

Things Needed:
  • Light blue nail polish.
  • Black nail polish.
  • White nail polish.
  • Any shade of green polish.
  • A thin nail art brush.
  • A top coat.
  • Pink polish.


Start by applying two coats of your blue polish. Let it dry.

Taking a thin nail art brush dipped in white polish, make a semi circle at the base of the nail making the snowman's body.

Now, with the same brush, make the face of the snowman as shown.

Now pick up black polish and make the hat of the snowman. Also make two dots for eyes and three dots in an arch shape for the mouth.

Taking the green polish in the brush, draw a line at the neck of the snowman and extend it downwards to make the muffler of the snowman.

Now with the black polish, make two buttons at the body of the snowman. Also make a small dot between the eyes with the pink polish to make the nose of the snowman.

Make some random dots with white polish all around the snowman to depict snow all around.

Lastly, apply your top coat and you are done.

How much did you all like these cute little snowmen? I love them on my nails they look so adorable. This is just the snowman and I have quite a few nail art designs which are simultaneous with Christmas. So keep visiting Diva Likes for some more Christmas special nail arts. Till then, admire the snowman!

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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