Princess Crown Nail Art Tutorial

Hello pretty people! How is the chill in your place? This year Kolkata is moderately cold. It's ...

Hello pretty people! How is the chill in your place? This year Kolkata is moderately cold. It's not as cold as the previous year this time. Let's see what happens because January is still to come. Today I am here with a nail art tutorial for you all. I have the Princess Crown Nail Art tutorial. We girls have this thing in us that makes us to treat ourselves like a princess. We love if someone pampers us like a princess. Every daughter is her father's princess. The word princess is simultaneous with the word crown. I remember that when I was a kid, I had a fancy dress contest at school and my dad brought a white gown along with a crown and an angel stick because I wanted to dress up like a fairy. Crowns and tiaras take us away from this world to the land of fairytales and magical kingdoms. So let's become a princess in our own ways by trying this cute and girly nail art.

Things Needed:
  • Pink nail polish as pink depicts girliness.
  • Any glitter nail polish. I have chosen golden shade over here.
  • Black nail polish.
  • A piece of tape.
  • A thin nail art brush.
  • A top coat.


Start off by applying two coats of the pink polish. Let it dry completely.

Take a piece of tape and make 3 slits in it. The middle one should be the tallest and the side ones should be of equal height. Stick this tape on the back of your hand to remove excess stickiness. Place this tape at the base of your nail.

Now apply the glitter polish on the visible part of the nail as shown. Let it dry then peel off the tape.

Now, using the black polish and thin nail art brush make outline of your crown.

Place three black dots above each pointed outline. Now place three golden dots inside each black dot.

Once it dries, apply your top coat.

Tadaaa!! Your cute little crowns are ready. Doesn't it look super girly?

The use of the pink polish is apt according to me as girls love the color pink. But still whichever color you want to flaunt, you can use. I have a suggestion that this nail art will look very pretty with Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania range. If you have any from this range, do try this pretty nail art.
Contributed By: Divya Singh


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