10 Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For The Love Of Your Life

Ah! By the end of the first week of February, we all tend to sniff the aroma of love in the cool air. Valentine's Day is indeed a specia...

Ah! By the end of the first week of February, we all tend to sniff the aroma of love in the cool air. Valentine's Day is indeed a special day for people in love; also for those who are born romantics and for those who are on the verge of falling in love. It is not just an English festival, that we have blindly incorporated in our list of festivities; but a festival that is celebrated all over the world, mainly because it encompasses a universal feeling that is felt by every beating heart. That is the feeling of love. So if you are celebrating your love on February 14th, and are feeling confused about how to make your Valentine's day gift truly special, read on to find some cool creative gift ideas for your loved one.

1. Collage Of Memories

With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at our disposal, we are always in touch with people and their present. But for this Valentine's Day, bring out that old family album with sepia photos. Pick the sweetest photos of your significant other that will invigorate beautiful memories. Get the photos blown up and create a collage online, or go to your nearest studio to get it done by a professional. The gift of memory is sure to floor your partner!

2. Message In A Bottle

This is a very classy gift and will surely require some creativity at your end. Take a uniquely shaped glass bottle with a wide rim. Keep it horizontal and fill up the base with colored sand. You could make the colored sand yourself. This could be topped by tiny white balls or pebbles, dry petals, or anything you wish to. You can even leave it without any of the embellishments. Now write your message on a piece of paper and roll it inside. Hide it by shaking the bottle so that the sand covers it. Put a cork and seal the bottle with a ribbon bow. Wrap it with colorful paper or leave it in the champagne bucket!

3. Gift Of Luxury

With the stress gnawing at our senses, a wonderful Swedish, Balinese, or Thai massage could do wonders for the aching muscles. If you are far away from your loved one, send a gift coupon for a day of luxury at a spa. If you are lucky enough to be with your special one, surprise him or her by driving up to the great spa everyone has been raving about. At the end of a wonderful couple massage, see your loved one glow in the beauty of luxury!

4. Piggy Bank For Love

This is an immensely sweet gift idea for those who go through intermittent periods of love and fights and yet remain strongly bonded to one another. Create a special piggy bank to put in a currency note for every fight and patch up. Whoever starts the fight puts in the money and whoever is the first to say sorry is exempted. This little treasure of yours will not only make the bitter-sweet fights a funny memory, but will also help to resolve the fights quickly!

5. A Couple Cycle

If one of you is a fitness freak and wants to make the better half a part of his or her health regime, a couple cycle may just be the solution. A couple cycle comes with two seats and two pairs of pedals. This way the two love birds can work those muscles as well as enjoy each other's company, talking and laughing all the way!

6. Dabble With Colors

A gift need not always be something which has to be wrapped and handed over to your loved one. Here's a unique but fun gift idea. Get cans of colors that your companion loves, and paint your bedroom or a section of it with those colors, making designs and patterns that will lend the room an interesting feel. Use colors that you had discussed once upon a time, but could not paint it at that time. A new touch of creativity in your old room is sure to spark a new wave of romance into your life!

7. Sensuous Pack Of Lotions & Oils

This vintage classic never fails. Buy a basket of exotic smelling body lotions, some woody or vanilla based oil or a dreamy body mist. Voila! Your Valentine's day gift is ready. This can be of immense help when you're running short of time, and yet wish gifting your significant other with some exquisite present.

8. A Special Dinner Date

There's something about Valentine's day eve that makes the night surreal and magical. So take your partner to an awesome roof-top place or a poolside dinner date. You can even cook for your beloved and set the table on your open terrace or beautiful balcony. Light up the space with fragrant candles and usher in the day of love over a romantic gastronomic affair.

9. Choco Love

Love and chocolates are quite a match and often inseparable. So if you want to layer your Valentine's day with rich creamy chocolates, why not make them yourself. You know what your significant other loves. So a couple of days before the 14th of February, browse the net for chocolate making. Go shopping, pick what's needed and head straight to the kitchen area. On V-day tease your partner's senses with the whiff of freshly made chocolates and then surprise him or her with the deliciousness of the little pieces of ecstasy.

10. Gift Of Time

This is by far the most precious gift that you can ever give to your loved one. Spend the whole day just for him or her. Do whatever you two love doing like snuggling in bed, watching back to back movies, going for a drive, going shopping, a day at an adventure club, pub hopping, scrubbing each other at home etc. The possibilities are endless, but what is important is the time that you dedicate to one another. Gift the time wrapped in love that will be a treasured memory for life!

Have you decided what to gift the love of your life this Valentine's Day? Now that you have a whole lot of ideas, start your preparations for the most romantic day of the year!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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