Blackout Smokey Eyes Tutorial

A big hello to the lovely readers of Diva Likes. I have been dying to present to you eye makeup tutorials since long. But I got involved in ...

A big hello to the lovely readers of Diva Likes. I have been dying to present to you eye makeup tutorials since long. But I got involved in my project issues and couldn't take time out for that. But now, no more delays and here I am with my first eye makeup tutorial – Blackout Smokey Eyes Tutorial. In most of my reviews, you have seen me mentioning that I love doing smokey eyes. In fact, when I started out to learn the tips and tricks of eye makeup, the first thing I learned was this. Now-a-days smokey eyes have become a signature look and various makeup artists are coming up with variations. But truly speaking, the black smokey eyes have absolutely no substitute. So I decided the start an eye tutorial series with the black smokey eyes. So, let's begin.

Products Used:
  • Sleek idivine Au Naturel Palette (Bark and Regal)
  • Sleek idivine Bad Girl Palette (Noir and Gullible)
  • Lotus Alphamoist Moisturizer
  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Blackmail
  • Elle 18 Kajal
  • MTV Muah Mascara

Brushes Used:
  • Zoeva 231
  • Zoeva 223
  • Colorbar Angled Eye Brush
  • Colorbar Emphasizes Eye Blending Brush

Step By Step Procedure:

1. Hydrate your eyes properly and prime them to conceal and cover the blemishes as far as possible.

2. Take a black Kajal or eyeshadow pencil and cover two-third of the eyelid. There is no need to be precise and careful with the lines as they are going to be blended. Just make sure you don't go into the crease. I have used Rimmel Scandal Eyes 003 Blackmail on the eyelids.

3. With a smudge brush, blend the color till the crease but do not go overboard. Make sure you only blend it and not soften it. I have used Zoeva 231 to blend the color till my crease.

4. Take a very soft brown or an earthy colored shadow and apply it on the crease with a crease brush. I have used Zoeva 223 to apply on my crease.

5. Take some jet black powder eyeshadow in the same brush and dust the excess to avoid the fallout problem.

6. Apply the black eyeshadow on the eyelids and do not cross the crease area. The black eyeshadow will intensify the previous color and define the eye properly.

7. Slowly blend the black color with the crease area.

8. If the color goes to soften, take some more eyeshadow and apply to merge with the crease brown color.

9. Take a peach/neutral color in a fluffy brush for the brow bone. You can use any highlighter or pressed compact slightly darker than your skin tone. I have used Streetwear compact with a Colorbar eye blender brush.

10. Apply it on the brow bone area above the crease to merge the dark color slowly into the skin.

11. Apply Kajal on your waterline (two-third area) and slowly smudge it with help of a pencil brush. I have used Elle 18 Kajal and Zoeva 231 for smudging.

12. Take a shimmery eyeshadow (golden/silver) in the smudge brush and apply on the inner corner of the eyes to make an impact. I have used a shimmery silver in the corners with Zoeva 231.

13. Finally apply the mascara and fill your eyebrows with an angled brush to give a complete look.

Hope you liked this Blackout Smokey Eyes Tutorial. Do let us know your views in the comments section below!

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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