10 Must Haves For A Newborn Baby

First-time parents are often concerned and anxious about the little life in their world. Often new parents get advice and suggestions from t...

First-time parents are often concerned and anxious about the little life in their world. Often new parents get advice and suggestions from the elders in the house and do accordingly to take care of their newborn. But with the growing urban families, elders are not always around to help the amateur parents. They are confused about what to get for the baby, and how to ensure that the little bundle of joy is nice and comfortable in its new environment. The first two months are quite hectic for both the parents. They experiment with different things to make sure that everything essential for a newborn is provided. This is a time of tension, worries and uncertainty. But for our readers and would be moms let us ease your worries by providing you with a checklist of must-haves for a newborn baby.

1. Comfortable Clothes

Baby skin is extremely delicate and soft, and any material even slightly harsh can irritate their skin. So get the softest cotton jumpers, vest, shorts, sleepers, and pyjamas for babies born in the summers. It is important to let the skin breathe. So do not get too tight or covered clothes. For babies born during winters, ensure that the baby is draped in soft woolly easy to remove winter wear. Make sure that there are no hard labels on the back that may chafe the baby skin.

2. Cosy Bedding

Babies sleep for almost 90% of their lives during the first couple of months. So you have to make sure that the baby's cot, cradle or bed are extremely comfortable and very safe. A soft and thick mattress on the cot cushioned on all the sides will give your baby the peaceful sleep that is essential for growth. A mother's attention is required almost 100% of the times to ensure that the baby does not suffocate itself with a side roller or a pillow.

3. Diapers & Wipes

Know this straight. Babies poop all day long for the whole month. And it is extremely important to keep them clean and dry. Use only good quality diapers specifically made for newborns. Always use baby wipes instead of cloth because the latter may be harsh on baby bums.

4. Diaper Rash Creams & Moisturizer

Baby skin is susceptible to drying due to loss of moisture. It is important to moisturize the skin with a baby cream at least thrice a day. Also, diaper rashes are a hard truth that new moms have to come to terms with and treat it immediately. Using a good quality diaper rash cream soothes babies as well as their mommies heart.

5. Nursing Pillow

This is a must have for comfortable feeding of newborn babies. Babies will need to be either breast fed or bottle fed every couple of hours. It may become strenuous for the mother to support the baby with her hands only. A nursing pillow with give support to the baby while feeding as well as provides comfort to the mother's body.

6. Burp Cloths

More often than not, babies throw up when they burp. So having a dozen clean burp cloths is a must if you don't want spillage all over you or whoever holds the baby after a feed.

7. Baby Carrier

With the joy of delivering a healthy baby, comes the physical ache of holding the baby most of the time. A baby carrier can make a world of difference to the mother, especially when outdoors. Ensure that the carrier is sturdy and comfortable for the baby to snooze in. Never ever should you leave the carrier unattended with the baby in it! It may be a lot to ask for, but for the first two months a newborn will have to be given complete attention 24/7.

8. Some Source Of White Noise

A newborn that has not even completed a month in this world is still not accustomed to our regular noises. It still soothes the baby to listen to sounds that were there when it was in the womb. This is called white noise. There are white noise apps available or just turning on your washing machine or hair dryer can do the trick. These noises will help to put the baby to sleep without much ado!

9. Access To An Expert Pediatrician

The first three years of a newborn's life is very crucial, not just because it is getting used to life outside the womb, but also because as first-time parents, most people do not understand all the body mechanisms and cues of a newborn. Therefore, the moment you find something out of the ordinary or weird about your newborn, have a paediatrician contact handy and reach out without delay to avoid any complications.

10. Bottles & Formula

Mothers are only humans. So once in a while it may so happen that the mother falls sick and is not able to feed the baby. But the rule of thumb says that the baby cannot go hungry or be dehydrated. So it is best to have some clean, well boiled and sterilized feeding bottles and newborn formula feed within reach. Mother's milk is the best for a newborn, but you should be prepared for unavoidable circumstances and continue feeding the baby with formula feed.

So now that you have a clear picture about your newborn's must haves, go ahead and enjoy parenthood without the anxiety. Happy Motherhood!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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