10 Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the beginning of a great new future in the life of a woman. For the first time, you experience the responsibility of nurturing ...

Pregnancy is the beginning of a great new future in the life of a woman. For the first time, you experience the responsibility of nurturing a human life inside you. It is an awesome feeling and every mother is gifted with this feeling. Earlier, at the time of joint families or a more social living set up, elders would guide first-time pregnant women throughout the 9 months journey. But today most of us are fiercely independent and live in atomic families. We no more get those little but critical pieces of advice and we tend to heavily rely on doctors for pregnancy tips. Let's not be judgmental here and begin comparing yesteryear lifestyle with contemporary living. But there are certain things that every pregnant woman should avoid, irrespective of the lifestyle. Read on to find out what they are and try to follow the list as closely as possible.

1. Stress

Your baby receives everything from you, including your emotional condition. So keeping stress at bay is not just healthy for you, but can make a whole world of difference to your little one. Don't be down and worried with office tensions. It's okay to have a few pitfalls here and there at work when you are pregnant. Don't let trivial scuffles hinder your peace of mind. Whenever you feel stressed out by anything, let it go. Remember that sometime later someone so special will grace your life that there will be no place for matters you are stressed about now.

2. Caffeine

Your morning isn't right until you get the much-needed caffeine kick. Drinking uncountable mugs of coffee has been your routine for the last few years. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee gets you going. Amazing as these situations may sound, with the pregnancy confirmation, your caffeine intake needs to stop! Research shows that caffeine intake of more than 200 grams a day increases the risk of miscarriage and low birth weight. So if you want a healthy baby, this sacrifice has to be made right now.

3. Alcohol

Yes, it's true that a quarter glass of wine once a week won't really affect you or your baby, but isn't it better to be completely safe? Consumption of alcohol regularly, even in small amounts, is not advised during pregnancy. It may cause problems in the growth of the baby's organs, especially the liver. There are several other complications that your baby may encounter if alcohol passes from the placenta to its developing system. So why take the chance? A few months without alcohol is the least you can do for your own child, isn't it?

4. Cigarette

With a shift in lifestyle, late night working hours and work pressure, many women enjoy the puff of smoke in between the strenuous hours. And for some it soon becomes an addiction. But when you conceive, you will have to throw that habit straight out of the window. You don't want your baby to suffer because you cannot control to urge to smoke. As a mother, you have to let go of a lot of habits, and quitting cigarettes is a good start. If your partner is a smoker, avoid being near him when he is smoking. Passive smoking may equally harm your unborn child.

5. Cleaning Cat Litter

This might seem like a harmless chore, but cat poop often contains a parasite that is responsible for causing Toxoplasmosis. This in turn is associated with birth defects in newborn babies. So pass this job to someone else at home or let your pet stay away with someone else for some time. In case you are extremely attached to your pet companion, wear gloves while cleaning its litter box, and wash your hands thoroughly with an antiseptic soap.

6. Undercooked Meat

Any meat and even eggs that are undercooked stand the chance of causing infections or food poisoning. Avoid rare cooked meat. Make sure that whatever you eat is well cooked in safe hygienic conditions. Avoid eating out for the same reasons.

7. Shellfish & Fish With Mercury

If you are a die-hard seafood lover, pregnancy may give you a hard time. Oysters when eaten raw can contain bacteria which may cause infection to your baby and stall its growth. Fish like sharks and marlin should be avoided because of their high mercury content as the metal is responsible for stillbirth and nervous system problems in newborn babies.

8. Pesticides & Disinfectants

Try to stay away from chemical as much as possible or use natural ways to get rid of insects. Chemical disinfectants contain toxic compounds that are associated with birth defects.

9. Heavy Lifting

No matter how important it is, stay away from heavy strenuous work or lifting heavy things. A slight imbalance will not only harm your baby but affect your health adversely. This is a common tip that everyone knows about, and yet sometimes we miss it. Stick to it till your baby is born.

10. Extremes

Avoid anything in extreme. This is a tip that summarizes all the other tips. Pregnancy does not tie your hands to the ground nor does it forbid you to do anything. But remember that you are solely responsible for nurturing the life inside you. So do what makes you feel good, but in moderation.

Stay away from these things and enjoy your pregnancy period!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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