Micro-Braids Hair Bun Tutorial For The Summers

In my last hair style tutorial, I showed "How To Do The Donut Bun" but what if you have t...

In my last hair style tutorial, I showed "How To Do The Donut Bun" but what if you have to attend a formal party or a special occasion? While Donut Bun is more of a trendy casual look, the Micro-Braids Hair Bun has an elegant and graceful touch to it. Also, it makes the bun look fuller and stylish in every way possible. I tried out this Micro-Braids Hair Bun look with a deep red lip and winged liner. It is extremely easy to make, especially if you are in a hurry and still wants to sport a good hairstyle. Scroll to know how I have created this hair bun style. 

Things Needed: 
  • Comb 
  • Few rubber bands (thin and black) 
  • Hair clips and bobby pins 

Steps Involved: 

1. Side part the hair (you can also middle part or do a puff in front). Take a section and comb it well to detangle it. 

2. Do a simple braid and clip it with a pin or hair clip. 

3. Similarly, do another braid on the other side as well and clip it. 

4. Then, bring all the hair to your right side (like a side pony tail) and tie it with a rubber band. 

5. Take a section of hair from the ponytail and make a thin braid and tie the end with a rubber band. 

6. Similarly, create another braid taking a section from the ponytail. (You can create 3-4 braids as per the volume of your hair). 

7. Now, take all the remaining hair along with the braids you have created and tie the end with a thin black rubber band. You won't have to be neat but simply keep all of them together. 

8. Roll the hair in the shape of a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Make sure you hide all the previous rubber bands. 

9. Pull out a little section of the hair with the help of your fingers to create some volume. (optional step) 

10. Voila! Your micro-braids hair bun is done! 

Do let me know how you liked the tutorial.


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  1. Love it. Love the tutorial. Look at your makeup, on point :) :D


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