DIY Homemade Hair Pack For Summer Season

Summer means all the sweat, grime, and pollution accumulating on the scalp leading to dandruff, hair fall and itching. Since I have dry hai...

Summer means all the sweat, grime, and pollution accumulating on the scalp leading to dandruff, hair fall and itching. Since I have dry hair, oiling twice a week is a mandatory procedure for me and I cannot skip that at all. But the scalp problems don't simply solve completely with hair oiling and instead, that sweats a hell lot. Therefore, I started applying this homemade hair pack especially in this hot and humid days of the year when I can't apply oil to the scalp. Since the pack has some oil absorbing ingredients, I don't apply it on the length to tip of the hair. I apply a concoction of coconut and olive oil to the length to tip of the hair and apply the pack on the scalp. Thus, it happily nourishes and enriches the scalp, taking away the scalp problems and also the body of the hair gets conditioned. Here's the recipe of the hair pack for summers. 

Ingredients Required: 
  • Powdered Henna (You can easily buy from the market or make at home with dried mehendi leaves) 
  • Amla Powder (Raw amla juice would also work) 
  • Egg (Optional. I didn't use in this DIY because I can't stand the smell of raw egg but feel free to add it if you want) 
  • Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti) 
  • Yogurt 

Benefits Of The Ingredients: 

Powdered Henna: 
  • It helps prevent dandruff and nourishes the scalp and hair by making it smooth and healthy. 
  • Henna acts as a good conditioner for the hair and helps it grow faster. 
  • It adds shine to the hair. 
  • Henna contains properties that help fight against the bacteria and germs. 

Amla Powder: 
  • Amla encourages hair growth It conditions the hair well. 
  • It has antioxidants which prevent pre-mature graying of hair. 
  • It also stimulates growth, strengthens hair follicles and prevents dandruff and split ends. 

Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti): 
  • It absorbs oil, dirt, and grime from the hair, leaving it cleansed. 
  • It can effectively treat dandruff condition. 
  • It also prevents hair loss and encourages hair growth. 

  • Yogurt is a good conditioner for hair which also imparts shine and prevents dandruff. 
  • The protein content in curd helps to moisturize hair and get rid of scalp problems. 
  • It also curbs hair fall problems. 

Steps Involved: 

1. In a bowl, add 6-7 tablespoons of yogurt and 3-4 tablespoons of henna powder. 

2. Then, add 1-2 tablespoons of amla powder. 

3. Lastly, add 1-2 tablespoons of Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti). You can add the egg in this step if you wish. 

4. Mix all the ingredients well to have a thick consistency. If the consistency is light, add more henna and amla powder in it. And, your hair pack for summers is ready! 

Directions For Use: 

With the help of a brush, section your hair into various parts and apply on the scalp. Comb with a wide tooth brush to spread it well on the scalp. Keep it for around 40-50 minutes and wash off with a mild (preferably with an SLS free) shampoo.


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  1. Definitely good scalp treatment. Much need this summer.


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