Tutorial : How To Do A Donut Bun

If someone asks me to define summer in three words, for me it will be – ice creams, tank tops, and b...

If someone asks me to define summer in three words, for me it will be – ice creams, tank tops, and bun. Bun hairstyles are totally on trend and one of the famous and easy ones is the donut bun. Do you know what is the best part of it? The hair is completely out of the face, especially in this scorching heat and you still manage to look trendy. For me, this is a perfect relief. Past two years I have been growing my hair but the real challenge lies when you have to step out of the house in this pathetic heat. Kolkata is as good as hell in terms of temperature and every time I am stepping out of the house, my hairstyle would be donut bun. It looks chic, trendy and super easy to do. Let's see how I create the donut bun in simple steps. 

Things Required: 
  • Comb 
  • Two rubber bands
  • Donut bun or sock bun
  • Hair clips or bobby pins 

Steps Involved: 

1. Take a small section from the front top and tease it a little bit to form a puff. This step is completely optional. 

2. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and secure with a tight rubber band. 

3. Now, wear a donut bun or sock bun (I have used an old sock) over your ponytail just like you would wear a rubber band. 

4. Now lean forward and let your hair fall over the bun. You can also comb the hair if you want that neat look. Otherwise, make it look neat with your hand and as soon as you get that donut looking bun, tie a rubber band on top of it. 

5. Take the rest of the hair and twist it between the fingers just like shown in the picture. 

6. Now, simply circle it around the bun and secure with a pin or hair clip. 

7. Voila! Your donut bun is ready! 

There is another way you can do this if you have extremely long hair. After step 2, put the donut bun at the end of the ponytail, holding it upwards. Then, roll it in and secure with a bobby pin. I used this method because my hair has medium length and too many layers.


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  1. Very summer friendly hairstyle...thanks for including the technique for long hairs also.

  2. Lovely hair style . Perfect summer style


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