7 Ways To Lose Weight By Incorporating More Water Into Your Diet

You probably heard this advice a number of times that one should drink water for a youthful skin and weight loss purpose. And even some of y...

You probably heard this advice a number of times that one should drink water for a youthful skin and weight loss purpose. And even some of you had tried this way, but for how long? Maybe few days or maximum few weeks and after that the same old schedule has been followed, right? Actually, it's not only you who suffer from this problem but the majority of people have the same issue. Being a college student, it was difficult for me to always be hydrated. Also, because of the busy lifestyle and careless eating habit, I gained a good amount of weight. One fine day, there was a health checkup camp in my college where I went with my friends for the checkup and they told me according to my height I was 15 kgs overweight. You heard me right, 15 kgs it was! Now it was up to me how I was going to shed that weight and the most reliable and effective way I discovered was drinking lots and lots of water. Now you might think what's new in that as we drink water daily. But for weight loss, there are few techniques of drinking water. So let's begin!

1. Flush Out Those Toxins With Water 

Start your day with a very effective detox water like honey and lemon water, which is very easy to be made and the effectiveness you can see within a week itself. Take a glass of lukewarm water with honey and few drops of lemon in it. Consume it as soon as possible when you wake up and you will get a great result on your skin and also it will melt your stubborn fat. 

2. Drink Water Before You Eat 

If you are facing a problem of overeating, this tip is only for you. We all love to eat different types of yummy food and as weight loss is concerned, no one is telling you to stop eating all your configuration items but it is important to keep a check on the quantity that you are consuming. So the best option is to slip a glass of water before your meal that will help you eat less. Only this habit can make you lose at least 7 kgs in a year. 

3. Replace Soda With Water 

Now if I say soda drinks are your biggest enemy when you are trying to loose weight, I am not wrong. Only a glass of soda drink contains 250 calories with zero beneficial effect on our body. There is not a single good point in those drinks. So if you have a habit of drinking soda, do replace it with water right away. This habit is surely going to make your fat disappear. 

4. Solve Bloating By Consuming Ginger Water 

Many times when we have to wear our sexy fitted dress, we see a blotted belly and feel stressed. There is a quick solution for this problem too. Just boil a glass of water with ginger and consume it. In an hour, you will notice that the blotting is gone. Try it once and see the difference yourself. 

5. Match The Amount Of Water With Alcohol 

No, I am not promoting the habit of alcohol consumption here but if you drink occasionally or even on a regular basis, the main solution is try quitting alcohol and if you cannot stop, at least mix a good amount of water with it as alcohol drains the hydration of our body. After alcohol consumption, you feel more thirsty than normal days and that's the reason behind it. Another reason is alcohol promotes weight gain. To stop that, you need to mix water with it so that at least you don't gain much weight. 

6. Add Flavor To Your Water 

If you feel bored by sipping water on a daily basis, opt for detox drinks for weight loss. Detox drinks are the magical drinks you can consume to shed those extra kgs . Every night fill a big jar with water and add cucumber pieces, lemon slices, ginger slices, mint leaves and keep it overnight. Drink it the next day and you will notice a visible difference in your weight in just two weeks . 

7. Water In Soup Works Best 

If you are on a mission of weight loss, it is very very important not to eat anything after 8 PM. If you feel hungry after this time, opt for different types of soups in which you can add a good amount of water which not only is going to hydrate you but also makes you feel full without increasing the fat in your body . 

These are a few things you can do on a daily basis to lose weight and if you are going to continue these habits, you can notice a beautiful difference in your body as well as skin in a month only. So begin with this and let me know how this worked for you. 

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  1. Nice work srishti...I too have the habit of under drinking water. Now that I know it promotes weight loss it can work as motivation.

    1. Thank you Chahat for your appreciation it means alot to me.
      yeah try this once and i assure you its going to give to glowing skin naturally as well as will promote weight loss :)

  2. Water is v important.... nicely written

    1. yes! Lavanya it is :)
      and thank you for your kind appreciation.


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