Tribal Nail Art Tutorial

Welcome back everybody to my nail art tutorial world! As promised, I have a beautiful nail art tutor...

Welcome back everybody to my nail art tutorial world! As promised, I have a beautiful nail art tutorial for you all. It is called Tribal Nail Art. If you have an interest of knowing and learning about different races of people, then you must have read and known about tribal people. Belonging to a country like India, tribes are not a new concept to us. Tribal people were the most primitive people on this earth. World has advanced with new technologies but the art of the tribal people still rules the fashion world. Tribal designs have existed in shawls, dresses and have ruled the tattoo world. So when I saw a tribal design on the nails, I knew I had to do it. Tribal designs hold a mystery behind them which looks beautiful. So without much delay let us move ahead on the tutorial.

Things Needed:
  • Any metallic nail paint of your choice. I have used a golden bronze color here.
  • A black nail paint and a thin nail art brush. Striper nail paint will also do.
  • A top coat.


Apply two coats of your base polish. Let it dry completely.

Make base lines for your designs like I have done. I have used four lines here as I am doing it for beginners.

Make zig zag lines in the first base line.

Make dots in the second and the fourth line.

Make 3 or 4 vertical lines in the empty space you see in the picture.

Let everything dry and apply your top coat. Your tribal nails are ready.

This design looks intricate at the first look and seems tough for beginners but if you have the right tools, this nail art is very easy to do. The patterns you make are completely a thing of your imagination. You can include as many patterns acs you want but make sure they look neat.
I hope you all liked this Tribal design and will try this. Keep visiting Diva Likes till I come back with a new nail design.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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