Textured Nail Art Tutorial

When it comes to nail art, textured nails are among the current trend and fashion. You can buy textu...

When it comes to nail art, textured nails are among the current trend and fashion. You can buy textured nail paints available in the market. In India there are very limited options to choose. Also the ones which are available are expensive and of limited availability. You can create textured nails at home which will solve all your problems. The tutorial I am sharing with you all today is to create textured nail art with a product that is an inevitable part of our kitchen. Yes! I am talking about table salt which is sitting inside the salt dispenser on your dining table. You can work wonders on your nail art with its help. This nail art is super easy, quick and really fun to do.

Things You Will Need:
  • Any nail color of your choice
  • Table salt
  • Top nail coat


Start off by painting your nails with a base color. Apply two coats on each nail.

Roll your painted nail on a dish of salt before the nail paint dries. Make sure to cover the surface uniformly. You can even sprinkle the salt on the nails but do it by keeping your nails on a piece of paper to catch the salt in case it falls.

Tap your finger to remove the excess salt. Finish by applying a top coat to seal the salt and add shine to the nails. Use a good top coat to prevent the salt from scraping away. Applying the top coat makes the salt dissolve and creates a nice texture.

Your textured nail art is now ready. This looks best with bright nail colors. Summers are here and you can sport bright colors which look lovely on your nails. For a fun look you can paint different colors on different nails. I hope you like this nail art and will definitely try this with different colors. You can even use coarsely powdered sugar instead of salt. It will create the same look. I will be back soon with a new nail art till then enjoy your textured nails the way I am doing. Please spare that broken nail of mine as I am praying for it to grow faster.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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