ShineAid Celebstick #101 Orange Blossom Review & Swatch

Nowadays I am a huge fan of Korean beauty products. I think they are coming up with amazing makeup and beauty stuff which are not only attra...

Nowadays I am a huge fan of Korean beauty products. I think they are coming up with amazing makeup and beauty stuff which are not only attractive but also working great in enhancing beauty. One such brand which I came to know about recently is ShineAid. Though this brand is totally new to me, I was impressed with its range of makeup products. Though I felt the products are pricey, I still went ahead trying one lipstick from this range. I totally love orange lipsticks and hence I purchased ShineAid Celebstick #101 Orange Blossom to add one more orange lip color in my cosmetics collection. I loved this color so much that I couldn't wait for it to reach me from the time I placed an order.

About ShineAid Celebstick #101 Orange Blossom:

ShineAid Celebstick comes with natural mineral ingredients, protects skin from UVA and UVB and has 5 celebsticks of vivid colors namely:
#101 Orange Blosso
#102 Chiffon Orange
#103 Barbie Pink
#104 First Kiss
#105 Glam Nude


$26.71 for 3.5 g


My Experience With ShineAid Celebstick #101 Orange Blossom:

I am always apprehensive trying out new brands especially when it comes to lip colors. But I loved this orange shade so much that I had no option but to buy it. ShineAid Celebstick comes in a simple and attractive black colored stick with ShineAid written on it. The only bad thing about the packaging is the shade details are not mentioned anywhere. If you have a bunch of shades from ShineAid Celebstick it would become difficult to search for a particular shade every time. I hope they do something about this. The lipstick comes out on twisting the stick and there you have a beautiful orange shade. I loved the shade the moment I laid my eyes on it. It is creamy and super soft in texture and glides on the lips smoothly. It takes only 2 swipes to give bright orange look to the lips and make them look fuller. I never felt the need to apply any gloss because this lipstick gives a polished look all by itself. The color is such that it can hide the pigmented lips well. The staying power is okay as it stays for about 3-4 hours without re-application but starts fading slowly. The major con about this lipstick is it leaves an uneven stain on lips once it starts fading. This happened to me when I was having my lunch and I had to re-apply to make it even. Apart from this, it looks gorgeous on the lips and goes well for light to medium skinned beauties. It is a bit pricey but I would still want to try other shades from this range.

Pros Of ShineAid Celebstick #101 Orange Blossom:
  • Beautiful Orange shade
  • Simple and attractive packaging
  • Creamy and soft texture
  • Glides on the lips smoothly
  • Works great with pigmented lips
  • Stays still for 3-4 hours without any re-application
  • Gives a polished look without use of any lip gloss

Cons Of ShineAid Celebstick #101 Orange Blossom:
  • It is pricey
  • Ingredients list and shelf life are not mentioned
  • Leaves uneven stain once it starts fading

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Final Note:

This is a beautiful orange shade with creamy and soft texture. It gives a polished look even without a lip gloss. I would surely suggest every one to try this out.


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