Spring & The Return Of Dry Skin

Top Tips from the Skin Experts at The Laser Treatment Clinic - London, to beat the changeable weather: Just because you're ready for s...

Top Tips from the Skin Experts at The Laser Treatment Clinic - London, to beat the changeable weather:

Just because you're ready for spring doesn't mean your skin is. Shedding winter clothes could reveal dry, patchy, flaky skin — side effects of winter's icy breath (and the heaters and hot showers used to fight it). 
Dry/Sensitive skin is very common as the season suddenly changes from harsh winter to the bright spring sunshine. Dry skin tends to have flaky patches and chaps easily. It is fine textured, with small pores and can feel tight when you cleanse. It is most prone to signs of premature ageing such as early lines and wrinkles. It rarely develops spots but may be vulnerable to itching and irritation. Similar to dry skin, sensitive skin is the type that tends to develop broken veins and allergic reactions to irritants in cosmetics and fragrances. It often shows in a high cheek color. Extremes of weather may worsen any problems.

With age, the sting of cold weather on skin can be worse as cell turnover rates decline and skin doesn't maintain as much moisture and elasticity it once did in its early 20's. Nowhere are the signs of ageing better observed than on the skin. Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, irregularity of skin pigmentation, broken capillaries leading to red blotches and dryness are the main signs of ageing of the skin. Daily replenishment is therefore key in defying the ageing process, as is cellular renewal and rejuvenation. Lifestyle choices and good skin care can help minimise the signs of both healthy and unhealthy skin ageing.

Cold winds and changing temperatures contribute to aging skin by making skin dry, so if you venture out in the cold be sure to use a good moisturizer. It's important to use moisturizer indoors too, as heated rooms can be very drying to skin. But there is some good news, to rejuvenate winter-weary skin. To rejuvenate, restore and protect spring skin, advanced treatments and products provide a solution.

Home treatments our Skin Expert recommends:

Try placing a steam or mist humidifier in the bedroom to put moisture back into the air as you sleep or invest in a whole-house humidifier that can be installed near the furnace. Cutting back on lengthy hot showers is another option to keep skin from getting dried out.
How your skin looks on the outside is greatly impacted by what goes inside. And drinking lots of water is one of the easiest ways to hydrate the skin from the inside out.
Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is another way to make skin more resistant to environmental elements and signs of aging. Antioxidants can neutralize free radicals that damage skin, so eating a high-antioxidant diet (meaning lots of fruits and vegetables or even a multivitamin).
Spring brings with it, its own threats to the skin, particularly when it comes to potential harm from the sun. Removing the layer of dry, dead skin cells, which can help reflect the sun's damaging rays, can make skin more sensitive to the sun. Therefore, applying sunscreen amply and regularly is imperative to protect skin while outdoors or look for an SPF makeup.
Removing the dead layer of dry, excess skin helps to boost cell turnover and also is essential to enabling the face and body to reclaim a youthful glow.
People — especially those with sensitive skin — should avoid harsh body scrubs and washes, which can create small tears in skin and lead to irritation and blotchiness. Instead, opt for more natural products with ultra-fine exfoliating particles such as The Laser Treatment Clinic Ultra Smooth Sea Polish contains natural marine earth algae, sea kelp and seaweed ingredients and effectively removes dead skin cells draws out impurities and revitalizes the skin in one. Decades of clinical use back up these products effectiveness at building collagen, peeling away flakiness, dulling early signs of aging, and brightening complexions.
And don't forget old shower standbys such as the Body Exfoliation Gloves. They too can target dry patches on the body.
Daily moisturizing is a must to add back to skin some of the softness winter stole. It's best to apply lotions and moisturizers immediately following a shower while the skin still is damp.
Marine Skin Science skincare contains an ultra-rich formulation of natural marine earth algae, sea kelp and seaweed that drenches the skin with moisture, penetrating and replenishing quickly, deeply nourishes and conditions spring skin.

Clinic treatments our Skin Expert recommends:

For more professional attention, The Laser Treatment Clinic offers quick non-invasive procedures that likely will provide more significant, longer-lasting results.
LTC Advanced Medical Microdermabrasion is a high-tech exfoliation method, involves blowing aluminium oxide crystals onto the skin at high speeds to eliminate dead cells and give skin a refreshed look.
LTC Advanced Intense Pulsed Light is another high-tech procedure where a sapphire crystal is applied to the skin and stimulates fresh young skin cells and collagen and promotes new collagen growth and elastin. When collagen remodels the skin texture starts to improve.
Coupling these two high-tech non-invasive treatments with the Marine Skin Science skin care range can maximise your results. Skin Rejuvenation treatments and skin care products are just perfect for spring skin conditions.

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