The Importance Of Proper Warehouse Floor Striping

What does the floor of your warehouse look like? If you’ve spent any time at Dallas Flooring Warehouse, you’ll understand the importance of ...

What does the floor of your warehouse look like? If you’ve spent any time at Dallas Flooring Warehouse, you’ll understand the importance of having a warehouse that is well organized, complete with proper striping on the floor. You need to treat your warehouse as if it’s an extension of your office space. After all, you wouldn’t allow your offices to become disorganized and messy, without clear pathways. You also wouldn’t force your office workers to walk on a floor that could potentially become slippery and hazardous. For all of these reasons and more, your warehouse needs a floor that is properly designed and taken care of, complete with striping.

Warehouse Floor Striping

Floor Coatings Matter

If your warehouse is open to the public, much like Dallas Flooring Warehouse is, then you understand how much the coating of the warehouse floor matters. What do we mean by this? Many warehouses have floors that are made of concrete. This means that they are quite slippery when they’re wet. Even if you don’t have warehouses that the average person can enter, you still need to make sure that you have proper coatings on the floor, lest your employees slip and hurt themselves. Basically, you’re setting your business up for a lawsuit. The ideal warehouse floor has a non-slip coating that makes it easier to walk around, no matter what’s been spilled on it.

Floor Striping Creates a Pathway

Floor striping, which is exactly what it sounds like – stripes that are applied to the floors- have a very specific purpose. They create a pathway that is easy to follow. You need to have these stripes in place because they essentially form a path, like the one found on a map, that leads people from one area of the warehouse to another. You can even have more than one stripe in different colors. For example, green striping can lead someone from the tile section to the hardwood floor section, while orange can take them from the hardwood flooring to the carpeting. You’re basically color coding your warehouse and making it much more organized, which leads us to the next point.

Organization Is A Good Thing

Since warehouses tend to be large and hold a lot of different things (in this particular example, flooring), they can be tough to navigate. You need your warehouse to be incredibly organized so that you can track exactly what you have within it. The floor striping can help with this, as you can use it to delineate sections. When something new comes in, you just have to send the merchandise to the right section. If you don’t use any type of organizational system in your warehouse, you’ll end up with some problems. Things will be stacked all over – the laminate flooring might be mingling with the marble tiles – making it hard for anyone to find anything. You don’t want this to happen, so use that floor striping to your advantage and create sections and pathways with it.

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