Decoding Flowers For Men: A Smart Man’s Guide To Flowers

The famous comedian, Jerry Seinfeld once said that men don't understand the hype around flowers. Women, on the other hands, love receivi...

The famous comedian, Jerry Seinfeld once said that men don't understand the hype around flowers. Women, on the other hands, love receiving flowers and the attention they bring. To be fair, the struggle is real because apparently, it is too difficult to comprehend the scientific studies and research stating how blooms can lift up the mood and help you with productivity. Let alone the fact that flowers are the universal symbol of emotions and love since time immemorial. Sarcasm apart, here's the lowdown on the select flowers so that you guys are saved the trouble and don't buy the wrong flowers, too many or too few of them! And of course, do not commit the classic mistake of sending flowers to work without checking up with the ladies.

Flower Bouquet


Roses are a double-edged sword. Either you can mean the world with them or mess it up big time. There's no middle ground. This is why tread carefully and keep it simple. The red roses are for passion and love, the kind you would have for your sweetheart. The white roses are to express your respect and gratitude and to symbolize the purity of a relationship. Yellow roses are the go-to option to celebrate a friendship anniversary.


Pink stargazer lilies emit positivity and happiness. You can't go wrong with them at all. This beautiful bunch of flowers is the perfect gift for a friend and sweetheart alike. If you have a friend who is having a bad day at work or someone who's sick for a while, send lilies to cheer them up!
These also happen to be the perfect birthday gift if you don't want to sound too formal or send wrong vibes. The lily flowers are called 30th-anniversary flowers and are not to be confused with the white lily of the valley, which is 2nd-anniversary flowers. White lilies, however, are the funeral flowers and are believed to symbolize the innocence of the departed soul.


These regal flowers stand for luxury, love, and strength in extraordinary situations. These gorgeous flowers come in a range of colors, which decide their symbolism. For instance, white orchids stand for purity and elegance. Yellow orchids express new beginnings and a sense of accomplishment. Purple blooms are the symbol of grandeur and respect.


Yellow gerberas are touted as the fifth most popular flowers in the world! They are just the right choice to celebrate your friendship and new beginnings. They stand for purity and joy and if you are looking to cheer someone up, sending gerbera flowers could be an amazing idea!


Bright and sunny- that’s what comes to the mind when you hear sunflowers. Sunflowers turn their face in the direction of the sun, making them a symbol of loyalty and longevity. The yellow color makes them a cheerful and happy flower. If you are looking to brighten somebody’s day, this is the flower you should be zeroing in on.

So guys don’t underestimate the flower power as they can say a lot when a thesaurus and your wits fail you! Whichever is the flower of your loved one's choice, search and find a florist in India to order flowers online. Let the flowers do the talking and see the magic unraveling!

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