Tips For Settling Into Your New Home

A home is where the heart is. So, after a lot of ordeal, decision making, choosing the right home loan and planning the payment strategy, yo...

A home is where the heart is. So, after a lot of ordeal, decision making, choosing the right home loan and planning the payment strategy, you are finally ready to move into your brand new home. Is your family super excited already to move into a new neighbourhood? Or are they feeling glum to leave their friends and the familiarity of the old house behind? Whatever the case, it is a happy beginning for you and your family, especially after checking and rechecking the home loan EMI calculator to figure out the exact amount you will have to shell out every month to make the home your own. Now shifting homes is not child’s play. It takes a lot of preparation and planning to make it a smooth process. Here are some useful tips for settling into your new home:

Tips For Settling Into Your New Home

1. Sort out the closet

This is the easiest and most needed thing to do because who wants to pick things out from a suitcase when you move into your home. Clean the closets and arrange the clothes neatly and one big thing can be checked off your to-do list.

2. Straighten out the documentation

When you move into a new home, there is a lot of paperwork involved. For example, fill out all the essential forms to transfer utilities and services such as gas connection, electricity, internet connection, cable TV and landline connection. You will also need to quickly change your address in banks and other official places for things to run smoothly.

3. Home security is a must

This should be done even before you move in. Make sure your home is safe for the family members. Install a new set of locks and check if all the latches of the doors and windows function properly. It is a good idea to change the security code of the doors if you have an electronic security system installed in your property. Another crucial thing in the safety aspect is to check the expiration of fire extinguishers in the house. Ensure that the carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home are fully functional to avoid any problem later on.

4. Fill up your new home is familiar sight and sound

It may be difficult for children and even adults to deal with a new environment. A good idea is to recreate the old ambience in some parts of your room with familiar objects and colours. Focussing on the kid’s room should be a priority because they are ones most affected by the change of place. Arrange the room with their favourite toy and soft furnishing like curtains, bedsheets, pillow covers, wall clocks and so on. This will make them feel more comfortable.

New Home Tips

5. Deep clean your home

This is one of the foremost things you should do before planning the move. You may need another round of deep cleaning once you have tucked in the last bit of things in their places in your new home. Maybe not on the same day, but after moving in, within a couple of days, give your home a good professional cleaning service to get rid of any irritants, bugs, and dust.

6. Explore the neighborhood

Coming to a new place and not knowing anyone can be quite distressing. So step out and meet your neighbours and the people who live around your home. Talk to the security personnel, if there is one. Bake something and share it with your neighbours. You can even walk down to the amusement areas like parks and playgrounds to become familiar with parents and children.

7. Throw a housewarming party

Most people do this, but they often end up calling only the guests they know. Instead, you can also invite your immediate neighbours and get to know them better. This will make the change of home feel better.

8. Enjoy your new home

You have toiled and worked relentlessly to make the Home Loan and make this home your own. Once you move into your paradise, take some time off and relax in the comfort of your home instead of rushing to work immediately. Spend time with your family in the new place and begin a happy journey in your dream home with love, laughter to create more memories.



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