6 Benefits Of Travel Insurance

Travelling is an exhilarating experience. In the words of Saint Augustine, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one p...

Travelling is an exhilarating experience. In the words of Saint Augustine, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Planned trips are full of excitement, anticipation and a sense of adventure. In the middle of all these fun elements, travel insurance sounds like a boring addition to the deal. Most of us often feel it is futile to spend on travel insurance, especially if you haven’t had any mishaps during your previous trips. But is it really unnecessary? Let us take a closer look at the benefits of travel insurance to understand whether we need it or not.

Benefits Of Travel Insurance

1. Covering for cancellations

Even if you are not an avid traveller, you would still know that trip cancellations are often heart-wrenching. A travel policy will have you covered for such situations. From the very moment that you pay your premium for single trip policy, you can stop worrying about all your pre-paid costs. These include accommodation, transport, car hire, etc. For a meager amount, you can recover lump sum pre-paid costs if things don’t go as planned and you have to cancel your trip.

2. Help in case of flight delays

If you are on a long extended tour that requires multiple connecting flights, a travel insurance to cover delays is a boon. There may be instances where due to delay in one connecting flight you miss the other ones too, what do you do in such cases? Travellers end up paying high airfares or fight and argue with the ground staff making the entire travel experience bitter. Keep all that aside and opt for a policy that covers such delays and breeze into your destination without worry!

3. Loss of personal possessions

We keep losing things in our own home, office, marketplace...and the list goes on. But it is easy to search or even replace them when we are in a familiar place. But imagine losing important documents, baggage, gadgets, and money in a foreign land. Things may not be as easy then, right? This is where a travel insurance can help you out by compensating the monetary amount of your lost things. The loss of a high-end camera may break your heart, but when you can replace it with the money claimed through BHARTI AXA travel insurance, you will thank your stars for considering insurance during your trip.

Travel Insurance

4. Emergency health and injury cover

Everyone wishes to have a happy trip, but accidents do not come with prior warnings. If you do face an injury or medical emergency in a faraway land, travel insurance will cushion against the financial blow of paying for foreign healthcare. It will cover your hospitalization and other expenses as detailed in the policy. Most insurances come with a 24-hour emergency helpline so that you are not left wondering how to handle your emergency during the trip.

5. Cover for adventure

What’s a trip without some head rush and adventure. But you should also keep in mind your safety during activities such as surfing, gliding, sailing, jumping, etc. Such hard-core outdoor activities may cause injuries. And if you aren’t armed with a travel insurance to cover these accidents, you may have to suffer to find treatment both physically and financially. Add an activity pack to your travel insurance and go bungee jumping for an adrenaline rush. Keep your worries aside, and enjoy every moment of your trip with a well-packed travel insurance.

6. Cover for your property back home

Why not protect your home while you are away on your trip around the world? Travel insurance will also protect your home during your time away from it. Choose a travel policy that has this feature. Whether it is a break-in or natural damage, you wouldn’t want to wear yourself out fixing the house instead of sharing your travel memories with your dear ones.

Travel insurance cannot guarantee that no unforeseen situations occur during your trip. But it can cushion you in case you are into one, especially with monetary support. From tour operator default to dental expenses, there are wide options that can be included in your travel insurance policy to ensure that you are covered in case you face unpleasant events during your travel. So do not overlook the importance of a good and trusted travel insurance policy and go for it before the flight leaves the ground.



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