Find & Fix The Cold Using BlindSpotz Cold Spot Sensors

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for BlindSpotz. No matter which part of the United States you are i...

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for BlindSpotz.

No matter which part of the United States you are in, the winter temperatures go down drastically everywhere. Though we have a centralized heating equipment at home which helps maintain warm temperature, there are times I find chill air coming in. In spite of all the windows and doors being closed and the heater working just fine, it amazes me from where does the cold air get in. I had no clue how to find and fix this issue until recently when I came across BlindSpotz cold spot sensors.

BlindSpotz Cold Spot Sensors

There are several BlindSpotz at home which I was unaware of such as wood floors, closets, basement entrance, outlets, door frames and near windows. I always wanted to hire a specialist to find out the issue but that never materialized. On the other hand, the power bills are shooting up and we end up paying hundreds of dollars each month. Now that I have BlindSpotz, it is easy for me to perform home efficiency testing. They come in a simple sachet which holds 8 smart and simple diagnostic sensors.

BlindSpotz Cold Spot Sensors

BlindSpotz is easy-to-use as we need to follow 4 simple steps to detect, diagnose and fix cold spots. And you do it all yourself with minimal effort. Interested to know how?
1. Open the sachet and rub the sensor until the coloring is gray.
2. When you know the outside temperature hits below 32 deg F, place your BlindSpotz on doors, walls, inside closets and more. Leave in place for 48 hours.
3. Take pictures of the BlindSpotz that measure cold spots below 55 deg F.
4. Send your picture to and receive information on solutions and a retailer coupon.

It was really important for me to find out where I was losing heat at home and BlindSpotz helps me fix the issue while saving energy. I placed the sensors at my entrance, bedroom door and near the windows. I observed the temperature being recorded as the colorbar got activated. I clicked the pictures and send it to the BlindSpotz team and they are happy to help! This DIY Cold Sensor is the best solution for testing cold areas in the home and get an easy solution to all your problems. Get one for yourself here.

BlindSpotz Cold Spot Sensors

BlindSpotz Cold Spot Sensors

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