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This post is sponsored by One2One Network. All opinions are my own. When Whole Damn Mess album "The Queen and The Outcast" was ...

This post is sponsored by One2One Network. All opinions are my own.

When Whole Damn Mess album "The Queen and The Outcast" was released, I dug deep into the biography to know more about it. Now that the Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I thought its time I share a few details about the beautiful love story between Don Miggs and his wife Lisa.

Whole Damn Mess

Miggs' wife, Lisa DeBartolo, is the daughter of Pro Football Hall of Famer and former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo, and falling for her ushered him into a world that seemed completely alien to a Long Island boy from modest means. This unlikely pair come vividly to life over the course of The Queen and the Outcast, which upends assumptions through Miggs' deeply personal, thrillingly infectious songs.

The songs on "The Queen & The Outcast" are about connecting the life of Miggs' past and present - they're about leaps of faith and tough decisions to risk. Now here are some of my favorites from the album along with a description from Miggs':

Whole Damn Mess Lyrics

And Then We Were

It all happened in a blink. I literally blinked and then we were. This is the blow by blow of our wedding day. Damien Rice sang at the wedding and "Blowers Daughter" is a song of his we reference. Most of my family never tried caviar and for some, it didn’t go well with them "…leaving caviar in the trash". One guess who the "queen and the outcast" are.

We Don't Need A Reason

So Lisa and I fell in love fast. Really fast. It felt like we had this amazing secret and it raised a few eyebrows, including my own! I would sometimes worry that she was a 'spoiled little rich girl out to break my heart but soon realized this was it, forever love. My first clue was when she confessed she always wanted an Aries with brown hair, blue eyes, who sang in a letter to me. I knew a guy… We finally decided we didn't owe anyone an explanation and we don't need a reason.

Anywhere Without You

This one is a declaration of love and commitment to something greater than yourself. And that outro wrote itself.

Whole Damn Mess Album

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than listening to this beautiful album? Whole Damn Mess' debut album The Queen and The Outcast is now available for you. Check out the retail link for more details.


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