11 Tips To Help You Help You Survive A Long Haul Flight

Excited about flying to the other part of the world crossing the seas, oceans, and mountains? With your bags packed and tickets in place, wi...

Excited about flying to the other part of the world crossing the seas, oceans, and mountains? With your bags packed and tickets in place, with the hotels booked and the adrenaline kicking in, the only thing standing between you and your destination is a long-haul flight. Flying for long hours can get very boring and also uncomfortable at times. And if you are not well prepared for the long-haul, the first leg of your trip can bear you down, leaving you groggy eyed for the first few hours after landing. But if you really wish to be prepped up and all charged when you reach your destination, here are some tips to help you survive a long haul flight.

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1. Music is medicine

Don't rely solely on in-flight entertainment. Load your music device with light music that will help you unwind and relax during the long haul. Calming instrumental pieces can work wonders and also help you doze off in peace.

2. Catch up on all the lost sleep

Even if your eyes resist to being shut, think of all the times you have wanted to sleep but could not do it because of lack of time. A long haul flight is a great way to get all the lost sleep so that you can land feeling refreshed and awake! Put on your sleeping eye mask and slowly sail off to dreamland. But have that seat belt on while you move into a sweet slumber.

3. Read an edgy book

Boring literature can do more harm than good during a long haul flight. If the book is not engaging enough, it can spoil your mood and can be a real bummer. Read book reviews or an authentic recommendation and then take your pick. In fact, it is better to read at least the first few pages of the book you wish to carry during the journey so that the suspense it built will help you know whether it is 'unputdownable' or not, and whether it will be a great companion during the long haul.

4. Movies are a must

If hectic schedules don't leave you with enough time to catch the latest flicks, this is a good time to update yourself on what’s happening on the movie front. Most international airlines like Etihad Airways have a good mix of English, regional and international movies that you can choose from. If sleep evades you, watching a blockbuster or a critically acclaimed international cinema can help you survive the long haul without much distress. Watch 3 movies and you would have spent 6 to 7 hours effortlessly without even realizing it.

5. Quick work

This is not the best way to spend your time on a long-haul flight, however, working on a pending excel sheet or fine tune a business proposal that has been waiting in your to-do folder for a while now.

Tips To Help You Help You Survive A Long Haul Flight

6. Drink water and hydrate yourself

Don't fall for the alcohol or sweetened, carbonated fizzy drinks that are available on the flight. These items, in addition to tea and coffee will leave you dehydrated and extremely uncomfortable later. Stock up on your water intake so that you are hydrated enough. Long-hauls can become very uncomfortable if you are high on caffeine.

7. Avoid the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis

When your legs are down for too long without movement, it can run the risk of forming blood clots in the veins, a condition quite often associated with long haul flights. Investing in a good pair of compression socks can help a great deal if you have a history of DVT. Also, try to walk the aisle once every hour or two so that there is movement and your legs don't get numb from the continuous sitting.

8. Try to catch hold of a nice roomy seat

Now, this may not be possible always, but if you are on a half full flight, chances are you can politely ask for a seat on an empty row at the gate. This will ensure that you have enough room to stretch your legs and move around without having to disturb anyone and vice versa.

9. Use an effective pair of ear plugs

When sleep finally beckons after all the movie watching and book reading, plugging in the noise cancelling does little wonders and find yourself away from the buzz and murmurs around.

10. Keep a headache pill handy

Boring long hauls can give you a headache! Yes, it is true and so it is best to keep a baby aspirin or whatever is your preferred headache pill in proximity. Pop it when the head feels dull, is throbbing, or is bursting to find quick relief in the pressure controlled metal enclosure.

11. Ask for extra pillows and blankets

Enhance your comfort by using extra pillows and blankets to get yourself in a nice resting position. Whether you are devouring the thriller or focusing on the latest sci-fi movie, keep yourself comfortable with pillows propped behind your head and back. Pull a nice warm blanket over yourself and continue your work: reading, watching, listening or sleeping.

Long Haul Flight Tips

Look forward to your journey and the destination, whether you are going somewhere and returning to your homely abode. Long haul flights are a reality and making use of these easy tips will help you manage the time better. So worry no more, and hail the cab to the airport!


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