How To Make Your Child Fall In Love With Biology

Biology being the most important subject in the NEET examination, needs focused attention to score well. Derived from the Greek words 'B...

Biology being the most important subject in the NEET examination, needs focused attention to score well. Derived from the Greek words 'Bios' meaning 'Life' and 'Logos' meaning 'Study,' Biology is the science and study of living things. Unlike Physics and Chemistry, this subject is quite extensive and is found to be boring by many NEET aspirants. So, if your child is aspiring to crack the upcoming NEET examination and is showing little or no interest in the subject as compared to the other two, here are some probable causes of the disinterest.
  • Your child might be having a problem in recollecting what he/she has studied.
  • The extensive nature of the subject may be another reason for the disinterest.
  • Your child might be finding it boring.
  • Memorising the terminologies might be an issue.
  • Your child may not be able to understand the subject well.
Your role as a parent is to analyze the problems faced by your child and to bring out an effective solution to it. To your rescue, here we have a few tips that will make your child not only fall in love with the subject but also score well.

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Help Them Understand The Terminology

Most of the terms in the subject come from Latin and usually have a suffix and a prefix. So, if your child is having difficulty in understanding the terminology, helping him/her understand the prefixes and suffixes will get half of the job done. Also, if your child has opted for NEET online coaching, make full use of the internet, eBooks, and notes to collect relevant information on the confusing terminologies. If you are still unable to make your child understand the terminologies, you can take help from digital aids like Aakash iTutor for a better understanding of the subject. The eBooks, video content and practice tests available are sure to help big time.

Play The Dividing Game

Biology sure is an extensive subject, and there's no escape to it when preparing for NEET. So, the best solution is to divide the topics in each chapter into different parts. Encourage your child to take breaks between the parts to keep the mind fresh and active. From playing any game to listening music or eating, anything can be done to give the mind a break it deserves. Studying in parts will help your child understand the complexities of the subject well.

Practice With Doodles and Diagrams

Mastering biology is easy when your child incorporates a habit of memorizing the subject with doodles and diagrams. The brain retains diagrams well as compared to text. Sketching and labeling important parts of the subject is proven to be one of the best and effective ways to understand the subject well. You can even get a chalkboard wall in your child's room to encourage learning through diagrams.

Make Them Solve Previous Year Questions

Solving previous year questions is the best way to get acquainted with the examination pattern and subject as well. In addition, they also help in building a solid foundation of the subject. Doing this, your child will also get into the practice of solving questions at a given pace and will ace at the examination. Moreover, ask your child to solve the questions provided at the end of every chapter, for quick assessment of the preparation.

In the end, we only want to say that no subject is boring if one finds different and unique ways to approach it. Help your child acquire out of the box study habits to fall in love with not just biology but physics and chemistry as well. New-age digital aids like Aakash iTutor is another great way to promote self-paced learning, getting the doubts cleared by experts, practicing tests and a lot more. So, make sure you do your bit as a parent to make the future bright for your child.

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