10 Tips For Women Traveling Alone In India

Exploring a country as vast and diverse as India is an experience of a lifetime. It is rewarding to stand before the gigantic Himalayas and ...

Exploring a country as vast and diverse as India is an experience of a lifetime. It is rewarding to stand before the gigantic Himalayas and feel the power of nature. It is an artists' dream to see the sculptures of Khajuraho and marvel at the celebration of the feminine sexuality; a camel ride across the never ending Thar Desert or a moonlit night at the salt bed of the Rann of Kutch. There are many places in India which enthralled travelers from everywhere around the globe. It has numerous sites, views, and sceneries that fill our senses with awe and admiration. And if you are a solo traveler, the country's friendly faces, and warm hearts will seem all the more welcoming. If you are a woman on a journey to mighty India, you will have an amazing time with the bounty of surprises the country has to offer. However, if you don't want any unpleasant bumps or hurdles on the way, understand some tips for women traveling alone in India.

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India

1. Do your research

Don't assume that the entire country will have people meditating to become saints in the snow clad mountains. There is a multitude of cultures, religions, and castes in India and one can be in stark contrast to another. Learn about the culture and religious dominance of the places you plan to visit in India. If you are in Gujarat, you may have to let go of your alcohol and meat (or pay a really premium price). If you are in Hyderabad, you can have a feast but you will have to be clad head to toe before entering the mosques and religious places in the city. Every state and region differ. Having good knowledge about them is the start for a solo happy vacation in India.

2. Learn to ignore but be alert

Ignore lurid stares, ignore unsolicited advice, ignore personal questions, ignore cat calling and whistles, and ignore touts, unlicensed guides, and persistent hawkers. You get the flow, right? When in India, it is important to ignore certain irritants that come in the form of over friendly people. You may think it is rude to demonstrate such behaviour, but it is a survival strategy you should exercise in order to stay away from unnecessary attention. However, despite your ignoring, if things seem to get out of hand, inform the authorities or just flee the place - whichever is easier and convenient.

3. Learn to shout out loud

In case you think there's trouble brewing, don't keep quiet. Indians are very vocal people. They may not respond to a woman's discomfort by sensing it. But if you are loud enough to let your problem be known to the people around, they will help or tell you how to make things easier.

4. Have emergency numbers handy

An attempt to make a call to the police scares even the toughest miscreant in India. So have the Police Emergency numbers on your phone. At the slightest hint of trouble, call the cops. Even if they aren't on time, the very fact that you have the guts to call will be a deterrent to most people.

5. Late night, dark, empty spell trouble in the country

It is sad but true! A lone woman on a dark empty road in the dead of the night is NOT safe. Despite security posts and police patrol in most modern cities of the country, there are unfortunate incidents that occur from time to time, if not on a regular basis. Try to blend in a group if you have to explore a place at night. Also stay at a hotel which is strategically located. If you are searching for hotels in Gurgaon, you can consider the Leela Ambience Gurgaon, Hyatt Place, Ibis Gurgaon, Fortune Select Excalibur, etc.

Travel Tips For Women

6. Eat smart

Yes, there is nothing like Indian street food. Just the thought of tangy golgappas or piping hot jalebis will make any Indian salivate. But is your tummy ready for it? As a solo woman traveler, there's no stopping you from experiencing this gastronomic affair on the Indian streets. But make sure that your system can take it. Keep medication handy in case you have an upset stomach. It is best to try a single piece of helping and then get moving. Indulging in everything mindlessly driven by the lip smacking taste will do more harm than good for your tummy that is not used to such spices or cooking methods.

7. Clothing is a big part of the culture

Indian men, especially in smaller cities and towns are not used to seeing women in western outfits. They may see stomachs peeping from Sarees, but bare legs of a woman in a skirt or summer dress still stun them. So as a woman traveling alone in the country, make sure you wear clothes that cover most part of your body. No, you don't need a Burqa or a Hijaab to roam the length and breadth of the country, but keeping your shoulder, bust, waist, legs, and back well covered will keep you from silly and vulgar stares.

8. Don't trust people blindly

Drivers, guides, receptionists, or a helpful passer by - make it a habit NOT to trust people just by listening to them. Stay away whenever something is offered to you at an incredible discount or for free. Get off immediately if your driver asks a 'friend' to hop into the vehicle you have hired. While most people are trust worthy and genuinely helpful in India, it is best to protect yourself from the bad ones this way. Always let someone close know which city you are in and the vehicle you are traveling in, especially in case of a long journey.

9. Talk, smile, and resign

Most Indians are warm friendly people. We are known for our hospitality. But some people can be nosy as they don't understand the idea of personal space. You can learn a lot about the Indian culture and legacy when you bond and talk with the wonderful people you meet during your solo expedition to the land of snake charmers and Maharajahs (You will find neither anymore!) But sometimes, if someone becomes over friendly, that's your cue to resign.

10. Drink lots of clean water and use sun protection

India lies between the Equatorial line and the Tropic of Cancer. So the majority of the country experiences extremes of weather and lots of sun. So don't forget your shades, sunscreen, and packaged drinking water. You can understand, explore, and enjoy India when you are hydrated and not experience sunstroke.

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Have a wonderful time traveling and exploring the beauty of India. Safe & Happy Travel!


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